OK, Last Performance Expectation of the year….Let’s bring it to Life!

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Each class will be assigned a specific ecosystem ranging from temperate rainforest, to desert, to tidal shoreline, to a compost!

To help you in your planning, you will need to further your knowledge of the types of relationships between organisms. Using the Animals Relationship handout in class and the following website:


“We are surrounded by a lot of failed ecosystems; the moon being one, Mars, Venus. There’s evidence of water on Mars and rivers and it didn’t take. Also, we have planets to guard us like Jupiter and Saturn that take the hits of the comets. It is miraculous that we exist on this planet, that it took.” ~ Robin Williams
Read more at:

A “picture” is worth a thousand words!

We have all heard that saying before, but now we will apply it in our learnings of science! That’s right – once we collect the data from our mousetrap car trials, we will produce informative graphs that communicate important information about what you have discovered.

Graphs allow is to see our data in beautifully informative ways so that we can see patterns, trends, important points and outliers. Here are some great resources for creating and learning more about these special “pictures!”

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click on each graphic above for the weblink!

“Moving” right along…

Welcome back everyone! Great to see you all today and so much fun hearing about all your Spring Break Adventures!  Now that we have dissected our frogs, we’ll have to wait a while (uh, one year!) while they dry and begin the process of mummification.

Meanwhile, let’s get back into our Forces and Motion unit and refresh ourselves with both old and new concepts.

Here is the HW below that we discussed in class today.

  1. Rewrite this “official” iCan Performance Expectation into “kid friendly,” easy-to-understand language. Write it on your own words in any order you would like. Just be sure to include all the parts.
  2. Make this chart in your notebooks/Evernotebooks and fill in the information for Newtons 1st law. Remember to use your own words for definitions and Passwords. Here is one great resource!


FrogGuts Preparation & Certification


To support your learning in Humanities, we are putting some static friction on our mousetrap cars, and rolling out the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification!

This week, you will be preparing for your Frog Dissection & Mummification by completing the following:

  1. Completing the Preparation Structure & Function of Frog Anatomy worksheet. Click here to download it, if you don’t have it.
  2. Create a Screencast using Quicktime on the 1) external structures & functions and 2) internal structures and functions. *The FrogGuts Program has some great images for you to use!*

DUE: Thursday (Block 1&3)/Friday (Block 2 & 4)

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