The Final Post in 4TB

I can’t believe as I’m writing this last blog, there are only 6 ½ days of school left in the year. It has been a very memorable and exciting year! I’ve enjoyed watching your children navigate through all the challenges and celebrations they’ve had during the year. It definitely could not have happened without your support from home. I hope that the next couple months serve as a chance for you to spend some quality family time, and a chance to rest. Research say kids need this time to sleep, eat, rest, and play so their brains will be 100% and ready for the next adventure in 5th grade. Please have them read some enjoyable books of their choice over the summer. See below the notable events that will be happening the rest of the school year.

All the best,


No homework

Last Thursday was the last day for homework this year. Hopefully your children are still choosing to read something they enjoy each night.

5th grade interviews

Today students buddied up with 5th graders from 4JS. They prepared questions and asked everything they could think of to give them a bit of a vision of what next year will look like for them.

Library books are due

I just received an email that there are still hundreds of library books that need to be returned. Please check with you children to see if they have returned all of their library books.

Senior visit

On Friday student will have a chance to spend time with a local elder and ask them questions about what life was like in China when they were growing up. The purpose of the visit is for students to learn about the recent past of China by hearing stories form those who experienced it.

Field day

Next Monday is Field day. Please make sure your children come to school with sack lunch (for a picnic lunch), hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, class shirt, clothes that can get wet, a change of clothes, and a towel.

Pizza on Tuesday for classroom celebration

On Tuesday students do not need to bring a lunch or buy one. We will be providing pizza and drinks for an end of the year lunch celebration.

This Week in 4TB 5/9-5/13


Students are anywhere from drafting to publishing their persuasive essays. The process includes revising with 2 peers and a teacher before publishing. The final round of mystery book clubs started today. Students are using a checklist to self assess their reading and conversation focus.


This week students are doing algebraic thinking through finding missing reflex angles. They are also learning about lines of symmetry and classifications of triangles.


Students are beginning the final project for the structure and function unit. Students task is to choose an uncommon animal or plant, learn more about their structures and functions, and make a visual to support a presentation they will do in class.

Other News

Tomorrow is the Aquarium field trip. Students should bring a lunch from home.

Are you wondering what your children can read over the summer? Here is a link to the ES library’s blog and summer reading list that will help you find great books for them:

Thank you very much for putting a smile on my face last week. The lunch on Friday and all the treats on Tuesday were awesome.

Wednesday is Soccer Day at SAS! Students should wear their 4TB class shirt. Please see the other post from today for more information. We hope you can make it to cheer on 4TB!

Get out of work day/Date with Dad is Friday at 3 PM.

Final Track and Field Day Reminder

Dear Parents,

Don’t forget, tomorrow is the Track Meet at SAS  Pudong.  Make sure your child has a water bottle, snack, lunch, sunscreen, and their class t-shirt.  This time of the year Pudong can be cold and windy, so have something warm to put on while not competing.  The weather is up in the air, so keep your fingers crossed.  As always the students love to have fans cheer them on, so you are welcome to join us.  Unfortunately, we don’t have room on the bus, but you can meet us there.


Mr. Biasca

This Week in 4TB 4/25-4/29


This week students are starting a new persuasive essay. So far they have brainstormed possible topics. They will choose their topic and start with a thesis statements. In reading round two of mystery book clubs will begin. This round with be with the same book club members, but with a different book and focus questions.


Students are continuing to learning about geometry and angles. If the weather cooperates, students will be heading outside to capture pictures and measure angles of geometry in their world.


This week students will be dissecting flowers and observing with a electronic microscope to find the different structures that are found in flowers.

 Other News

Please check the blog post below for information on Track and Field Day at SAS Pudong on Wednesday.

This Week in 4TB 4/18-4/22


Students are in their first book club rotation for mystery. Each day students agreed with their book club members to read a certain number of pages each night. Students will have a focus while they read and use their ideas and notes for book club conversations in class.


 This week the next module on Geometry in math will be launched. This week students will be learning about angles.

 Science/ Social Studies

The tadpoles have turned into frogs over the weekend, crayfish, water plants, and fish came today. Students are REALLY excited about it! We also are soaking seeds to see the structure inside them. All this will lead to observations and investigations on the structure and function of living organisms.

 Other News

This week is Earth Week at SAS and there are themes for each day. Yesterday we planted flowers in the garden and played an active and cooperative game outside call Recycle. Here are the themes for each day:

Monday- Water Conservation

Tuesday- Stash Your Trash

Wednesday- Power Down

Thursday- Wear Green! Be Green!

Friday- Green Market!

Relay for Life is this Friday. We will be out on the track participating during the day. Students can bring money if they wish to donate or buy cookies and lemonade in which the earnings will go to the American Cancer Society.

3rd Season ASA starts this week

Next Wednesday is Track and Field Day at the Pudong Campus. More information will be coming out soon regarding the trip.

This Week in 4TB 4/11-4/15


Students are moving on from the non-fiction informational unit to reading mystery and writing persuasive. This week the units will only be introduced due to MAP testing. Next week students will begin to read mystery and learn the specific elements of the genre. They will also begin to learn the style of persuasive writing.


 In Math this week students will have a Module 3 review on multiplication, division, and prime numbers. Then take the summative assessment on Wednesday. The next module (4) will be on Geometry.


Many of you noticed the tadpoles that were in the classroom during Student Led Conferences. Students will be investigating the structure and function of living systems in this unit of science. This week fish and crayfish should also arrive for them to observe and investigate.

 Other News

Thank you for taking the time to attend Student Led Conferences. I hope you found the time spent with your child valuable as you witnessed them take ownership in their own learning and do some teaching of it to you as well.

Map testing will take place this week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

This is just a reminder that report cards were available on Powerschool as of March 25th.

3rd season ASA signups have started on Powerschool. Please go and sign up your child if they would like to join as ASA.

There is a Passport Check Thursday.

This week students will be swimming on Tuesday and Thursday

This Week in 4TB 3/14-3/18


Students are wrapping up their research and are transferring it all into the paragraphs under sub topics. This week peer revising and editing will begin while gathering pictures, videos, and wrapping up works citied pages. At the end of the week, students will be introduced to iBooks and begin putting their final published piece together.


 In Math this week students will continue in module 3 and will be practicing multiples, multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2 digit-numbers, and dividing a 4-digit number by a single digit divisor.

 Science/ Social Studies

This week students will finalize their exploration of Emperor Qin and the Terracotta Soldiers as they wrap up their booklet/packet that displays their learning. We will wrap it all up by having a final classroom debate on leadership and whether Emperor Qin was a good leader or bad leader. This week there will only be reading for homework so students can turn in their ancient artifact proposal on Tuesday and use homework time to work on their artifact. We had a great time at the museum. Students came away with many ideas for their artifact making. Thanks to the volunteers to came and helped with the field trip!

 Other News

This Wednesday is the first day of swimming during PE of the specials schedule. Permission forms went home Friday; please have them signed and returned before then. Students should come to school on Wednesday with all the suggest swim gear.

There is a Passport Check on Thursday.



Field Trip Tomorrow to the Shanghai Museum

Tomorrow is the 4th grade field trip to the Shanghai Museum. Again, the field trip is for students to get an idea of the ancient artifact they want to replicate. Please remember all students should bring a device that can take pictures (or a camera), 4th grade shirt if possible, a water bottle, and a lunch from home. We will be leaving SAS at 8:30AM and returning as close to 2:00PM as possible.