0604 Market Day…Thinking & Dissecting…Buddies

Thank you parents for all your support during the school year!  During the past few weeks you have been experts on business panels, made camping food available, helped students prepare for their businesses, attended the year-end ceremony, and more. Thank you so very much for loving all our children and supporting their learning! Goods & […]

0521 Working with Others

At the end of grade 2, the ability to work together and collaborate on simultaneous projects is like watching a choreographed dance of chaos. Planning, problem solving, high and low emotions, flexibility, acknowledgement, disagreements and compromise happen in a productive system. Interdependence of Ecosystems Students have been working with other grade 2 students on their […]

0513 Emcees…Collaborators…Wow!

Assembly Emcees 2SN students were wonderful emcees, hosting the final Prek-k thru grade 2 assembly!  Students were challenged to be role models by memorizing their parts and knowing when to go on and off the stage, a very short rehearsal on stage, speaking publicly, and maintaining composure throughout the very long assembly. Numerous changes in […]

0429 2SN’s Active Thinkers: Change, Structure, Connection

All the work, struggles, accomplishments, and effort are coming together now.  In the past 2 weeks there has been tremendous growth in our children’s awareness of themselves, accountability for their actions, and a growing self-assurance with ‘It’s alright to be me as long as I am thinking, learning, and progressing.’  This is true. The overarching […]

0406 No Talking Allowed…Nonfiction Discussion

Nonfiction Discussion 2SN students applied their first-hand knowledge about informational books to reading.  Based on clues from some nonfiction text features, students determined the topic and possible sections for the table of contents. This required discussion about interpretation of the visuals, sorting, possible sections, rearranging, and more.  After agreeing on the topic and possible sections, […]

0324 Expert Authors & Teachers

Authors’ Symposium 2SN’s experts introduced their published books and shared their expertise by teaching parents and teachers at 2SN’s Authors’ Symposium. It was lots of hard work and students are very proud of their accomplishments!  The writing process, elements of writing, understanding the nonfiction genre, and preparing to teach were new to our students and […]

0305 2SN’s Best Week Ever

Dear 2SN Families,   The following is also posted in the 2SN Blog. Photos are available. This has been the best week for 2SN students ever!  It was also the busiest for everyone and for me, it was the most shocking. Expert Books The majority of our children conducted their independent interviews all through the […]

0227 Museum…Interviews…Spheros

Shanghai Natural History Museum Thanks to our parent volunteers, 2SN students were able to obsess the Shanghai Museum of Natural History in-depth.  There were so many connections and experiences students could make with the guidance of their parent chaperone.  Many aspects related to the nonfiction expert book, erosion, and ecosystems.  Scale and structure & function […]

0219 Pushing Forward

We’re back from the Chinese New Year holiday and are pushing forward with all our confidence and willingness to learn! Testing Models Earth’s Systems: Processes that change the earth continued from the collaborate 2D modelling through Minecraft to looking specifically at coastal erosion. Students decided to work in pairs in order to build a model […]

0128 Update on the Learning

Math: We have completed the module, Foundations of Multiplication and Division.  An assessment write-up was sent home with your child today. The next module, Addition and Subtraction within 200 with Word Problems to 100, is slowly being introduced this week and next.  The real work will begin on Monday, February 15. 2SN students are taking […]