June 3

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Whew.. this was the last FULL week of school! Can’t believe it.

The “How To” speeches have been a hit in 3SL. I see your child’s confidence in leading the class on their chosen skill!!!  Some of the How To demos have been: bath bombs, mug cakes, building a plane out of legos, Uno and more!! More to come next week!


This week students began the last unit of 3rd grade math in Geometry.  We explored polygons, quadrilaterals and quadrangles by categorizing them based on their different attributes. That will wrap up our math unit.


Other Business:


Field Day for Grade 3 will be on Monday, June 6th!  If it is raining, it will be canceled and it will NOT be rescheduled, so let’s hope for good weather! Here are a few things to note for FIELD DAY:


  • Bring your own lunch- Grades 1-5 will NOT be eating in the cafeteria, so please remember to send children with their own lunch from home.


  • Bring a towel and change of clothes.- There will be time to dry off and change out of wet clothes after the field day ends.
  • Please send water bottles and sunscreen!



May 27th

We are almost there!

You child is VERY excited about their “How To” I can’t wait to see the presentations next week!

Literacy & Social Studies:

Our class has finished biography reports and we are now working on presentations in the classroom. I hope all of you had a chance, ask you child to see their report as they brought it home yesterday. 3SL is also finishing up writing up their “How To” demonstrations and they are excited to present their skill to the class! Please help your child prepare their materials so they are ready by next week!

Math: Students did a mini assessment in the class on graphing yesterday where they took class data and designed a graph with a title and scale. They also answered questions about the graph data; frequency, least, greatest  etc. Graphing not a grade 3 standard, so there will  be no formal test. We will be learning geometry concepts for our last few math sessions!

Other Business:

I sent a not home yesterday regarding the class party and CAMP. Here is a reminder. Thanks!

Coming up! 3rd Grade Camp SAS


One of the most fun parts about third grade is our annual tradition of Camp SAS at the end of the school year. Camp provides the students a chance to say goodbye to each other for the summer and to remember the fun times in third grade.  The children will turn our classroom into a campsite by setting up tents.  Throughout camp they will tell stories, engage in sing-a-longs, enjoy arts and crafts, and participate in other “camp activities.” CAMP is Thursday June 2 and Friday June 3rd.

Grade 3 End of Year Party:

On June 3rd (NEXT Friday) the whole third grade will be outside from 11:20-12:15 under the Pizza Hut covered area with pizza,  popsicles, and drink provided by the school. If parents choose, they may come to snap a few photos before the kids head to recess at 12:15.

If you have two large tents that can be set up in the classroom please let me know. Please send in tents prior to Monday, May 30th.


PLEASE READ 3SL End of the Year Project: “How To” Speeches

Hello Parents!

I hope everyone is well! Its that time of year for my favorite project of the year: “How To” Speeches.

3SL students were introduced to “How To Speeches” last week. This is a great way to end the year as students come up with a talent to showcase and teach the entire class. Bascially, your child is essentially the teacher, and will devise their own lesson plan. This week students will be filling out their plan in a graphic organizer and deciding on what materials are needed. This includes: preparation, materials list, introduction, step by step process, and conclusion in paragraph form. They must also show me a plan of how they plan to involve the whole class….as that is the goal. I’m excited as we have some very clever ideas popping up!  Please talk to your child about this project, and help them with gathering materials for this great end of the year project! I predict speeches will start at the end of this week and until the end of school.


Thank you!!!


May 20

Cheers to another week. 3SL enjoyed having buddies for two days. I was really proud of some of them really got to know their new friends and really spent time giving them a good first experience at SAS.

Social Studies and Literacy:

As students read about their biography subjects, they are beginning to understand the time period during which the person lived. They are looking at the early years, struggles, life work, and contributions he or she made to society. Students have already finished their reports and will give their presentation on the public figure they have chosen to study in a poster, report, or Keynote.


Students are working with collecting data and representing their findings on a variety of graphs such as pictographs, bar graphs, and line plots.  They are learning how to use the data to solve a variety of word problems as they analyze the data collected.  This is a short unit on data collection and graphing and most students will have the end of unit assessment next week.  The last few weeks of school will be spent on solving word problems and a brief introduction to Geometry.   


Other Business:


Coming up! 3rd Grade Camp SAS!

One of the most fun parts about third grade is our annual tradition of Camp SAS at the end of the school year. Camp provides the students a chance to say goodbye to each other for the summer and to remember the fun times in third grade.  The children will turn our classroom into a campsite by setting up tents.  Throughout camp they will tell stories, engage in sing-a-longs, enjoy arts and crafts, and participate in other “camp activities.”
If you have two large tents that can be set up in the classroom please let me know. Please send in tents prior to Monday, May 30th.

May 13

Another week in grade three!

Thanks to the entourage of moms who supported the fun on soccer day last Wednesday! They won all four games and were proud of the their accomplishments. Way to go!


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Social Studies and Literacy:

Now that students have wrapped up the Ecosystems Unit in science, we have been focusing on biographies for several weeks. I hope you were able to review the hard work they did on their Keynote presentations. The rubric will be coming home next week for you to view and sign.  As they read about their biography subjects, they are beginning to understand the time period during which the person lived. They are looking at the contributions he or she made to society in order to figure out what made that person so influential. They have also been thinking about what types of experiences and events in a person’s life can help create an interesting biography. We will be wrapping up the unit at the end of next week to focus on 3SL’s end of the year projects called How To’s. More to come on that later!



Many of the classrooms in third grade spent math time reviewing and assessing what students learned about fractions. Students will take the unit test and it will be sent home next week for you to sign.  Our next Module in math examines data – how to collect it, analyze, and interpret it.  Watch for survey questions coming home, trends your student needs to observe and a LOT of graphs!  

Other Business:

Congrats to Andrew S for star of the week!


On Thursday, May 19, and Friday, May 20, third graders will be hosting visitors from Xuanqiao School. Please remember that all third graders will need to bring a sack lunch on those two days. A letter about this will be going home tonight with your child.

May 6

Welcome to May. Boy time flies. 5 weeks of school to go!

Thanks to all my parents who brought me gifts this week! The teacher lunch was also wonderful with so many treats.

Science and Literacy:

This week the students are presenting their ecosystem research reports. All of the teachers have been impressed by the content of the presentations and and the quality of the writing. Well done! We are now launching our last literacy unit, biographies. This unit of study focuses on identifying qualities of leaders and analyzing how they have made an impact. Students will be  using skills they acquired during the ecosystems research unit to help them find important information about their subject of study. In the culminating activity, students will develop an end-of-unit presentation.



This week students used their knowledge of representing fractions on the number line to explore equivalent fractions.  Students learned that when the whole is the same, the more equal parts there are, the smaller each equal part becomes.  They learned simple equivalent fractions such as 3/9 = 1/3 , 2/4 = 1/2, etc.  Students were able to apply this knowledge to a variety of real world application problems in preparation for the end of module assessment next week.  Our next module will be on Collecting and Displaying Data.  


Other Business:

Star of the Week: Congrats to Ethan C this week.



Grade 3 Soccer Day is coming up on May 11th and you are invited to attend!  Please be sure your child wears sunscreen, brings running shoes (no soccer cleats), and brings a water bottle and hearty snack. See you on the field!


Chen Shen Botanical Garden Field Trip

Hello Parents!

Tomorrow April 28th, Grade 3 will be heading the botanical gardens tomorrow and will be leaving SAS around 8:25, and returning to school around 2:00pm. Please help prepare your child with: a snack, water bottle, sack lunch, and a light jacket or sweatshirt.


Thanks again for your support!


April 23

Hello Parents- this is what has been happening this week!!

Science and Literacy:

This week the students started working on their final ecosystem research project and will be presenting in Keynote format. They spent many class hours researching and collecting information from library books; SAS research databases, and their own observations from their trips to Zhudi Park to work on their chosen organism. This project incorporates all their field research and observations together with comparisons with other species and their personal connections to them. They also learned how to write strong introductions to get their readers’ and/or listeners’ attention and powerful conclusions to their research projects. As a culminating activity to this Literacy and Science Integrated Lessons, the students will wrap this up with a final field trip to Chenshan Botanical Gardens next week. We hope to can join us then one more time. Once again, we want to thank all the parent chaperones that have assisted us in all our trips to Zhudi Park.


Fractions have been a lot of fun to learn about these past few weeks!  We have extended student learning past a single whole to now include two or three whole objects and dividing them up into equal parts.  We have transferred this knowledge into using number lines with starting points and ending points (linear progression) and therefore identifying the number of segments the line has been broken into versus the number of marks we used to get those segments (hint, hint: n + 1 if you are starting at 0!).  Next week your child will explore more fractional strategies on the number line that include estimating and equivalent fractions.


Other Business:


Congrats to Elisa for star of the week this week!

We have our Chenshan Botanical Gardens field trip on the 28th of April!  If the weather is overcast and damp we will still go.  However, if it is pouring rain we will not go and instead have a normal teaching day in school and unfortunately we won’t be able to reschedule the trip SO HOPE FOR NO RAIN!!  We plan to leave from school no later than 8:30am on the buses and we will return by 2:00pm.  PLEASE PACK A SNACK AND LUNCH FOR YOUR CHILD!


For reference, here is what our day on the field trip will look like:

8:25 – leave SAS

9:00 – arrive Chenshan Garden

9:15 – 9:45 – visit one biodome

9:45 – 10:00 – snack

10:00 – 10:30 – visit second biodome

10:30 – 11:00 visit third biodome

11:00 – 11:30 – decide which area of the park to explore and walk there (ride may be an option)

11:30 – 12:00 – explore the area

12:00 – 12:30 – lunch, including 15 min free play in the area

12:30 – 1:00 – walk back to the main entrance

1:10 – board bus and return to SAS

April 15

Another week gone- here are the happenings for the week:

Science and Literacy:

This week, students have continued to read and write about ecosystem-related topics. They are continuing to take notes and make connections. In addition, they are learning to paraphrase as they use their notes to compose drafts. Students are also learning about organizing their reports and will soon be gathering photos in order to enhance and further illustrate their final reports. Students will also be preparing for the last Zhudi Park walk next week on Thursday, April 21st, which will allow them to make comparisons and connections to previous walks. After that, they will incorporate their field research  into their final reports and write conclusions about their findings.


Students have been working on dividing whole parts into equal parts to create fractional units (halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, etc).  This week students began to focus on using unit fractions  (½, ⅓, ¼, ⅙, etc) as the begin to build their understanding towards representing fractions on a number line.  Students learned the key vocabulary term unit fraction is used to represent the equal parts of a whole when drawing the picture.  Students learned that any fraction is composed of multiple copies of a unit fraction and used number bonds to represent this fact.  Students then extended their learning to construct fractions greater than 1 using multiple copies of a given unit fraction (5/4 is equal to ¼ + ¼ + ¼ + ¼ + ¼ ).


Other Business: Congrats to Albert who was star of the week!


In Other News…

In case you missed Mr. Allen’s parent update, here is the information regarding Class placement for 2016 – 2017.



During the upcoming weeks, teams of teachers and counselors will begin creating class lists for the 2015-16 school year. When planning classrooms for next year the homeroom teachers and counselors will divide the children into balanced groups. Class lists will then be posted the afternoon before the first day of school (August 10, 2016).

Creating well balanced, heterogeneous classroom groups is our comprehensive goal at SAS. Some, not all, of the more important factors in creating that balance include:

• balanced number of boys and girls

• strong English skills vs. less developed English skills

• a mix of students from varying academic levels

• a good social blend of students

• appropriate schedule accommodations for special services

• representation from various nationalities

• individual student issues

As all of our teachers are well-qualified and able to meet the needs of all students currently enrolled at SAS, we respectfully ask that parents do not make requests regarding a specific teacher.  All SAS students should be able to be successful in any one of our classroom communities.

As we want your child to flourish while attending Shanghai American School, your input as our partner in education is important.  If there is any important or relevant information that you think your classroom teacher or counselor may not have that you feel would be helpful to consider as we make placement decisions for next year, please pick up a ES Student Information for 2016-17 Classroom Placement Parent Form from the ES Office (or download it from here http://sites.saschina.org/espuxi/files/2016/04/Parent-Placement-Form-April-2016-PDF-1ehkemz.pdf) so it can be submitted to the ES Office prior to Friday, April 29, 2016.  The information you provide will be shared with the Classroom Placement Team which includes the current and future grade level teams, counselors, and administration.  

We have an excellent teaching team and we will ensure that your child is placed into a well-balanced classroom. We will take into account the information you provide when placing your child, however the information provided does not guarantee placement in a particular teacher’s classroom.

Mar 18

Another week of learning for 3SL. Here is the happenings from the week. Below is a video of the scientists at work. They are all learning the skill of downloading their photos and labeling them for the class bulletin board. Sorry, I had some tech issues so the video is a bit distorted!



Students have chosen the organism that will be the subject of their research report, as we can continue to tie reading and writing lessons to the ecosystems unit. This week, students are beginning to find resources.  They are learning how to learn the Dewey Decimal system to find library books about their subject, they are reading widely about ecosystem concepts that will guide their research, and they are starting to use online resources.  Students are reviewing text features and learning how to figure out if research material is at their reading level and can supply the information they need. We hope that students will continue to use the SAS library databases at home to read about their subject and take notes.


This past week, third grade students began exploring fractions!  The students are beginning to partition a whole into equal parts.  They are working on identifying and counting unit fractions using concrete models, pictures, and numerical representations so to a third grader this means PIZZA!  – and chocolate, and anything else you can share equally amongst yourself and friends.  Vocabulary that you may hear your student using includes ‘numerator’, ‘denominator’, ‘fractional unit’ (vs ‘unit fraction’), ‘equal parts’, and ‘partition’.  The growth in this unit will be apparent when your child is able to explain to you that the piece of pizza you just took was the larger one and why.  Happy fraction finding!


Students continue to explore during our Zhudi Park Nature Walks. They have continued collecting samples, making observations and writing questions for their upcoming research. As they have narrowed down what they will research, students have learned the difference between Qualitative Data (descriptive) and Quantitative Data (measurable) and practiced collecting both types on our walk in the park. Children were able to print photos from their outings and write captions on a classroom map of the park which allows everyone to see what is happening in a variety of areas of Zhudi Park.   Excitement is high as the children are seeing more and more changes with each outing and are looking forward to what the next week will bring.  THANK YOU to our awesome parent chaperones for taking the time to be a part of this learning!!


Congrats to Louis for star of the week!

Curriculum Update:

Next week grade 3 will have a very busy week. With class rehearsals, and visiting authors, teachers will have limited instruction time. Students will also be busy preparing for their student led conferences for after spring break. Just note, that the homework may look a bit different to accommodate these changes in the schedule!

Remember that the 3rd graders will perform Aesop’s Tales at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, March 25 in the PAC!  It should be a memorable performance and you are welcome to attend.  Here is an invitation note from Ms. Earley:


An Aesop Adventure

Simple stories use animals as well as humans to present powerful and memorable messages about life!  Some of the stories presented will be:  The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Lion and the Mouse, The Ant and the Grasshopper, and more.  The children have been busy acting, speaking, dancing, and playing instruments.  Please ask your children if  they have a speaking part and, if so, help them practice and memorize their lines this weekend.  Thank you!