April 25: Soccer skill assessment

April 26 & 27: Health classes in the health room

April 28: Soccer skill assessment

April 29: Fun Friday & T3 Mile Test for G8

Next week: Track & Field Unit, and T3 Fitness Testing!!

Aquatics: March 14 – April 8

SAS-Pudong Middle School Swimming Unit


We will start our swimming unit on Monday, March 14 during PE lessons. The program will end on Thursday, April 7. This is a great opportunity for students to improve their swimming and water safety skills, while having a safe and enjoyable experience. Please read carefully the following guidelines below so as to make sure you understand and so that you are ready to participate in the swimming unit.

Girls should wear a one-piece swimsuit, with or without board shorts. Boys may wear Speedos, trunks or knee length Lycra shorts. Please make sure that if you wear shorts, that they are NOT below the knees. Please also make sure the condition of your swimsuit is suitable. T-Shirts are not allowed. To ensure that you do not forget your swimsuit, you can leave your swimsuit hanging in a designated place at the pool. When you arrive for your next lesson, the suits will be there, dry and waiting for you. Please clearly write your name on your swimsuit.



Some students prefer to swim with goggles and some not. You can make do with basic, inexpensive goggles that are comfortable. Swimming Caps should be worn by all students with long hair as it makes swimming comfortable and is much more practical. At the very least, long hair should be tied back. Again, the students will leave their goggles here at the pool until the swimming unit is complete. Please clearly write your name on the cap and goggles.



We are very fortunate on having clean towels for all our students. Students do not need to bring their towels. Towels are provided!



It is our policy in the PE department that if a child is attending school, they must participate in physical activity. If you are well enough to be at school, then you are expected to participate in swimming. SAS is an American school, which follows an American swimming curriculum. We are quite strict in adhering to the American standards in swimming and whilst trying to be sensitive to all cultures, it is an expectation that girls will swim during their period. For further information regarding this, please see: http://kidshealth.org/kid/grow/girlstuff/five_period.html and http://www.beinggirl.co.uk/article/period-swimming-with-period-swim-during-menstruation/.


If you do not swim, you will have to bring your PE uniform, wear your HRM and spend the lesson getting 30 minutes Time in Zone, just as in any PE lesson. However, the maximum possible grade that you will be able to get is Meeting since you will be missing vital swimming lesson content and practice.


This is a great opportunity for your child to receive professional and high quality instruction from qualified and experienced aquatic staff, who will endeavor to provide a safe, friendly and meaningful learning environment. Swimming is a life skill and at SAS we therefore highly value its inclusion in the PE curriculum.


For inquiries regarding this unit, feel free to contact the   Aquatic Director, George Carpouzis (george.carpouzis@saschina.org), or myself.




T2 Reflection Activities


Complete Tasks in this Order:

  1. Go to:


  1. Drag either G8 folder or G7 folder to your iphotos for use later.
  2. Complete T2 PE Survey. Click HERE
  3. Enter your T2 Fitness Test results on your Fitness Profile.
  4. Plan 1 SMART Goal to work towards in T3 relating to your fitness components and measurable by a Fitness Test.
  5. Click SLC Rubric 14-15 for the information you will need in preparing for your PE SLC.
  6. Put this information in your computer on a document of your choice and assess yourself according to the criteria.
  7. Add one or two photos from T2 PE Pictures to help illustrate your presentation.
  8. Save this for Conference Day. We don’t want any “awkward silences.”
  9. Smile and have a nice day.

T2 Fitness Testing Schedule


We’ll complete our T2 Fitness Testing during our Hockey Unit. We’ll also do a skill assessment during this unit.

January 25 & 26: Push Up Test & Sit Up Test

January 27 & 28: 50m Sprint Test

February 1 & 2: Mile Test (Dress Warm! You may use a small iPod for pacing and inspiration)

February 3 & 4: Vertical Jump Test & Shuttle Run Test