Swimming Unit starts next Week


The Swimming Unit will be from Monday ,April 11-Friday, April 29. So, we will meet at the pool. The same expectations for PE classes also apply for swimming. Here are these expectations—–> click HERE

During this unit there will be two summative assessments:                                                            1) 10-Minute Endurance Swim: you will do this at the start and end of the unit                2) Swim Stroke Assessment: you will do this at the end of the unit.                                  GRADE 6

In addition, you will get a daily summative participation assessment

Capoeira basics

As mentioned in class Capoeira is a Brazilian movement activity that mixes dance, martial arts and acting. If you look at the phrase “play fighting” that incorporates two right there— martial arts, and acting; the third dancing comes with a synced rhythm with your partner.

In Brazil Capoeira is also known as “The Game”. In fact when interacting with a partner you ask “Will you Play”? This is how it is connected to half of our Games unit.

Backgrounds in parkour, gymnastics, dance, martial arts, and improve theater can all be used as movement and flexibility are key.

However everyone has their own different threshold of movement, thus here are some tips for practicing at home.

The basic cartwheel:

The basic dance movement: Ginga!

Basic attack and defense moves:


Learning Capoeira:




Trimester 2 Health Project

This trimester students have been learning about food and nutrients groups. They have examined each group, its health benefit to the body, and types of foods in each group.

As a final project students are asked in pairs or small groups to take one Food Group that is assigned to them and create an easy, healthy snack. Students are expected to buy, prepare, and bring in the snack. Then conclude the project with a presentation to the class about their experience.

As noted in the directions of the project, students are asked to have the majority of their ingredients be “whole foods” which are not opened in a bag, or box.

Please see the attached assignment and grading rubric for more information:

Healthy Snack_Instructions and Rubric

Soccer Unit Assessment

Hello Parents and Students,

This week marks our final week in the Soccer unit. Soccer is considered one of the units we assess students on movement skills. On Monday and Tuesday of this week students assessed themselves on dribble, passing, and receiving a soccer ball. You can see the attachment for the rubric.

The rest of the week I will be making an assessment and speaking with students about what I see. After this discussion the final grade will be posted in the grade book.

Daily Active Engagement grades based off of heart rate monitors are also being added. There has been a learning curve with some students regarding the placement of the heart rate monitors and how they should be worn tightly around their bodies. The next step will be students learning how to self monitor their heart rate and make adjustments or ask for help during class time.

Next week we will start a touch rugby unit.


Health and Hockey Unit

Hello Students and Parents,

From August 24-September 11th my 6th grade classes will be engaged in an Introduction to Health and Floor Hockey unit. This year with Physical Education and Health combined, students will have one 3 week period of Health classes per trimester. This trimester we will be focusing on Basic Wellness, Decision Making and nutrition.

The first summative assessment will be on a personal Wellness Wheel where students will create an “I statement…” to show in-depth knowledge of the Wheel.


After a 35-40 minute health lesson students will then transition into our hockey unit. Students will be asked to be in their Targeted Heart Rate Zone (TZ) for 10-13 minutes to meet the Physical Education Standard 1 of Active Engagement.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: phillip.young@saschina.org



I am excited to be teaching at Shanghai American School this year. Previous to Shanghai I worked in Saudi Arabia for 3 years and also taught Elementary and Middle School PE in Northern California about 50 kms north of San Francisco. I grew up in International Schools and have only come to Shanghai previously as a High School and University student.

I am excited to teach Grade 6 PE and help students learn the basics of a well developed fitness program and help you grow and learn about sports and being active.

I am also the CISSA coordinator this year so I will be meeting most students in the Middle School who will be participating in After School Sports for grade 6-8. Check back soon with me for the blog information about after school Sports and information regarding the 2015-2016 school year.