1st Season APAC Results, 2016-17

1st Season APAC Results 2016/17

Girls Rugby @ SASPD
APAC Champions (back to back winners!)…congratulations coaches Amanda Allen; Ken Ratcliffe; Steve Doleman

Boys Rugby @ SASPD
4th Place…coaches Doug Andrew; Adam Fusco; Dan Inns

Boys Baseball @ Brent
3rd place….well done coaches: Luke MacBride; Stefan Fisher; Kirk Irwin

Boys Volleyball @ WAB
2nd Place….well done coaches Matt Zeman & Hank Claassen

Girls Volleyball @ WAB
2nd Place…well done coaches Joe Seavey & Jeff Barrons

Boys Tennis @ SFS
3rd Place…well done coach Phil Kittower

Girls Tennis @ SFS
2nd Place…well done coach Bethany MacCarter

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