APAC Rugby Bus Schedule @ SASPD: 20th-22nd October

Thursday, 20th Oct (2 x 33 seats and JV Combo Van)
Bus #1: HS Gym @ 6:15am
Bus #2: Gubei Starbucks @ 6:15am
Arrive SASPD 7:45am for Opening Ceremony 8:15am

Both buses will depart at 3:30pm
JV Girls Van (there are 2 girls in JV Combo team)…depart at 4:45pm

Friday, 21st Oct (2 x 33 seats)
Bus #1: HS Gym @ 8am
Bus #2: Gubei Starbucks @ 8am
Arrive SASPD  @ 9:30am

Boys’ Bus departs SASPD @ 4:00pm (after the girls game)….to Gubei then SASPX
Girls’ Bus departs SASPD @ 4:30pm….to Gubei then SASPX

Saturday, 22nd Oct
Bus #1: HS Gym (1 x 45 seats) @ 7:45am
Bus #2: Gubei Starbucks (1 x 33 seats) @ 7:45am
Arrive SASPD @ 9:00am

Both Buses depart after Closing Ceremony 7:30pm

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