China Alive Trip Packet

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year as we gear up for our China Alive trips!  Packets are going home today, Friday, April 29th!  Check them out, get to packing (and shopping?!), and fill in the important information.  Remember, the signed packet forms are due back to your trip leader on Friday, May 6th!

Spirit Week!

Spirit week is ON from Monday, April 25th until Friday, April 29th!  See our schedule below!

Monday – Pajama Day

Tuesday – Twin Day (Dress the same as a friends or a group of friends)

Wednesday – Wednesday Sports Day (Wear clothing from your hometown or Home country sports team)

Thursday – School colors Day (Wear Red, White and Blue or Eagle Wear)

Friday – House shirt day

Personal Project – Final Blog Post

Our Personal Project work time is almost DONE!  You have all been working through some challenges and hopefully demonstrating that grit-factor we were pursuing.  Everyone should have some “product” to showcase, in response to their guiding question.

In your process journal, you have been able to access the Expectations tab.  We have included the expectations again here and are asking you to please copy, paste and complete the following prompts in your own Personal Project page on your blog.

This will be the final step for your project work.  If you are leaving early for vacation, this must be done before you go!  Otherwise, most of you will complete this on Friday.  Be thoughtful, as this will be a part of your Student Led Conference after Spring Break!

Personal Project Write Up and Reflection

Guiding Question:

Summary of Your Topic/Idea:

Digital “Evidence” of your Final Product: (remember, this may be uploading an actual presentation or write-up, as well as posting a photo or video of your creation)

Content theme connections: (use your daily reflections).  There must be some evidence and explanation of connections between at least two content areas, clearly explained.

Reflections on the process (Successes/Challenges):  (use your daily reflections)  Please be very detailed here of problems you encountered, how you dealt with those problems or adjusted your plans…basically, explain HOW and WHAT you learned along the way!

Discuss the “Purpose Beyond Yourself:”

Copy your Notes/Progress/Images from your “Workspace” tab of your Process Journal:  ideally, this section should include any and all sketches, pictures/video clips you took along the way, and explanations of what is being shown

FINAL ELEMENT:  … What NOW?  Now that you have completed your project work time, will you carry on (or finish) what you have begun?  If you are (or were going to be) carrying this project beyond these two weeks, explain your plan:  

  • What your next steps?
  • What additional support do you need?
  • When will you schedule the time to take these next steps?  
  • How has this project impacted your learning going forward?

China Alive Trip Groups


Bill – Yellow Mountain
Jay – Yellow Mountain
Alex – Yellow Mountain
Olivia – Wild Guizhou
Nelson – Yellow Mountain
Alice – Yellow Mountain
Chloe – Wild Guizhou
Patricio – Hengdian Film Studio
Charlie – Hengdian FIlm Studio
Melody – Zhangjiajie


Juan – Tonglu
Hilary – Hengdian Film Studio
Anirudh – Hengdian Film Studio
Marco – Wild Guizhou
Mayuko – Yellow Mountain
Victoria – Tonglu
Zach – Hengdian Film Studio
Laerke – Hengdian FIlm Studio
Dylan – Zhangjiajie
Albert – Tonglu


Sarah – Zhangjiajie
Mia – Zhangjiajie
Chris – Zhangjiajie
Grant – Yellow Mountain
Cara – Yellow Mountain
Alexander – Tonglu
Julia – Yellow Mountain
Rachael – Zhangjiajie
Gordon – Zhangjiajie
David – Tonglu


Angela – Tonglu
Ryan – Zhangjiajie
Li – Wild Guizhou
Kevin – Yellow Mountain
Minsu – Tonglu
Jason – Yellow Mountain
Imani – Wild Guizhou
Cade – Hengdian FIlm Studio
Melanie – Wild Guizhou
Johnasson – Yellow Mountain


Glenda – Hengdian Film Studio
Subin – Wild Guizhou
Joe – Hengdian Film Studio
Isabel – Wild Guizhou
Jonathan – Wild Guizhou
Henry – Tonglu
Brandon – Zhangjiajie
Usho – Tonglu
Jake – Yellow Mountain
Audry – Zhangjiajie


Emily – Hengdian Film Studio
Sarah – Tonglu
Jennifer – Zhangjiajie
Robert – Yellow Mountain
Dylan – Wild Guizhou
Eric – Wild Guizhou
Jerry – Tonglu
Claire – Wild Guizhou
Jasper – Zhangjiajie


Chris – Tonglu
Audrey – Tonglu
Kevin – Hengdian Film Studio
Andrew – Wild Guizhou
Caden – Yellow Mountain
Young In – Yellow Mountain
Julia – Yellow Mountain
Abby – Tonglu
Eileen – Wild Guizhou
Ian – Hengdian Film Studio
Stanley – Zhangjiajie
Amy – Yellow Mountain


Charlene – Tonglu
Sabrina – Zhangjiajie
Flynn – Hengdian Film Studio
Jackson – Yellow Mountain
Olivier – Tonglu
Chris – Zhangjiajie
Debbie – Yellow Mountain
Stella – Zhangjiajie
Joey – Hengdian FIlm Studio
Ethan – Wild Guizhou
Darren – Yellow Mountain


Alan – Zhangjiajie
Mary – Wild Guizhou
Noah – Hengdian Film Studio
Chloe – Hengdian Film Studio
Quinn – Zhangjiajie
Molly – Wild Guizhou
Mayu – Zhangjiajie
Matthew – Wild Guizhou
Vivi – Zhangjiajie
James – Hengdian Film Studio
Jisu – Zhangjiajie


Bruce – Hengdian Film Studio
Ryan Che. – Zhangjiajie
Ryan Chu. – Tonglu
Emma – Wild Guizhou
Kevin – Yellow Mountain
Miu – Tonglu
Avery – Yellow Mountain
Jessica – Tonglu
Carson – Tonglu
Aaron – Yellow Mountain
Justin – Yellow Mountain


Aston – Tonglu
Matthew – Tonglu
Dante – Hengdian Film Studio
Claire – Wild Guizhou
Colin – Hengdian Film Studio
William – Tonglu
Vanessa – Yellow Mountain
Veronica – Zhangjiajie
Daniel – Tonglu
Selina – Wild Guizhou
Lewis – Wild Guizhou


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