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Shanghai American School Pudong

Pinch Pots in Progress

Grade 1 students have been waiting for this moment of doing a clay project…so here it is…Pinch Pot!!!!  Woohoo….!!!  How did they do it?  Well, 1) they wedge the clay into a ball, 2) they pinch a hole in the center of the clay ball with the thumbs (only thumbs in the hole), 3) they…

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China Alive Panda Project

May 3 – May 10 is ES China Alive Week.  PreK students learned to make a panda bear head using a fork and white tempera paint as new image development strategy.  PreK students are used to painting with a brush and paint, the ordinary tools.  However, they experienced new mark making using the shape from a…

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Mother’s Day Flowers

PreK students worked so hard to prepare something special for Mother’s Day!!  It was a long process, but the students persevered through each stage:  they started off by cutting toilet paper rolls into what looks like flower petals; they painted the flowers into their mother’s favorite colors, then they Mod Podged the flower pot with…

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Spring Flowers

Kindergarten students love Spring season!! In celebration of the flower blossoming, birds singing and sun shining.  K students learned to draw giant flower that filled the whole paper, then they painted each petal with different colors of tempera paint.  Finally they drew patterns on the petal using oil pastels.       K: Spring Flowers on…

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Zentangle Animals

In this lesson students are practicing pattern and design. They were focused on the mark making and details of their patterns. Instead of just making patterns they practiced adding variation to make them more interesting to the viewer.  Zentangle is a method that focuses on creating structured patterns within an image. For our purposes students…

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Kaleidoscope Painting

PreK students enjoyed learning about kaleidoscope.  They were intrigued with the colorful shapes and reflections.  They decided to make a Kaleidoscope like painting.  They first made circle printing of various sizes, some overlapped, some circle within a circle.  Then they painted each shape with watercolor paint. PreK Kaleidoscope on PhotoPeach

Hand Shape Fireworks

Happy Year 2016!! PreK students were excited to be doing more art projects after a fun Christmas break.  They started off with a Hand Print Firework which involved in tracing and cutting of their hand shapes.  Then they painted the hand shapes using glitter paint, they finished it by pasting the hand shapes onto a…

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December Projects

PreK students were so thrilled about the coming of Christmas!  They were excited to do any projects that related to Christmas.  They first made a Christmas Tree Print by using various sizes of plastic cups.  They made cup prints in a shape of a tree.  Then they added Christmas ornaments by using dot markers.  See…

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Card Printmaking

Once we where done with the bas relief and printmaking lesson students got another chance to create using the printmaking technique. Students got the chance to make cards using the printmaking techniques. They had the option to choose what kind of card they made and got an opportunity to dive further into the process and…

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Mona Lisa Appropriation

In this lesson students where learning about the concept of appropriation. It is when an artist borrows an idea or imagery from another source and changes it in ways that makes it distinctly their own. In this lesson students learned about Marcel Duchamp’s appropriation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. In this image he took…

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