Teacher Blogs & Webpages

Core Teachers

6 Red Core Teachers

6 Red Team Blog

Language Arts –Ms. Huntington

Math – Mr. Curran

Social Studies – Mrs. Williams

Science – Mr. Barrons


6 Gold Core Teachers

6 Gold Team Blog

Language Arts – Mr. Kittower

MathMs. Collier

Social Studies – Ms. Bell

Science – Mr. Hall


7 Red Core Teachers

7 Red Team Blog

Language Arts – Mr. Williams

Math – Ms. Rester

Social Studies – Mr. Irwin

Science – Mr.Sherwood


7 Gold Core Teachers

7 Gold Team Site

Language Arts – Mr. Lewis

Math – Ms. Habel

Social Studies – Ms. Ryan

Science – Mr. Hodin


8 Red Core Teachers

8 Red Team Blog

Language Arts – Ms. Beck

Math – Ms. McDaniel

Social Studies – Mr. Zeman

Science – Mrs. Hundley


8 Gold Core Teachers

8 Gold Team Blog

Language Arts – Mr. McSwiney

Math – Mr. Claassen

Social Studies – Mrs. Wegener*

Science – Ms. Heckmann


Specialist Teachers

Academic Support: Ms. Levesque


Ms. Bowie

Mrs. Hefte



Mr. Everett

Ms. Kinsella

EAL Teachers

Ms. Leininger

Ms. Rogerson-Musk

Ms. Taylor

Global Language Teachers


Ms. Wang

Ms. Ye

Ms. Xu

Ms. Wu

Mr. Li

French & Spanish: Ms. Murray

Spanish: Ms. Vella

Librarian: Ms Lynch

Secondary Library Page

Secondary Library Blog

Music and Drama Teachers

Mrs.Christy Wanamaker

Mr. Venema

Ms. McGarrigle



Dept Website

Ms. Hefte

Ms. Smith

Ms. Bowie

Physical Education – Dept Website

Mr. Tsurushima

Ms. Murtha


Mr. Wegener

Mr. Preston



Mr. Lin

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