Making Real World Connections: Filmmakers Share Expertise

Today was a very exciting day here in the middle school.  This afternoon we welcomed a half dozen professional filmmakers who shared their experiences with small groups of grade 7 students in preparation for a project they are embarking on called The Shaping of Shanghai – A Cultural Documentary.  As it’s title suggests, this project will engage students in creating a three minute documentary focusing on specific aspects of Shanghai life through filmed community member interviews and still photography.

Today’s event came about through a partnership between our middle school PTSA, our grade 7 social studies teachers Melanie Ryan and Kirk Irwin, and our middle school instructional coach Azul Terronez.  This builds on a similar partnership last year with leaders of NGOs who visited to support another grade 7 student project.

As we look to the future of education and our efforts to provide authentic learning experiences that connect to the world outside of school and public audiences to whom we can showcase learning, these partnerships are going to be essential. We are both grateful to the PTSA and our parent body for their partnership in this endeavor, and I know that I am very eager to see what the future holds.

Dr. Theron J. Mott, Middle School Principal



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