Principal’s Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Families,

Last week was our first full week of school, and we kept the kids hopping!  There is definitely a transition from summer to school, so you may have noticed your child needing to rest up a bit over the weekend.

We had our first Principal’s Coffee on Tuesday, and were pleased with the turnout.  All told, we counted approximately 80 parents in attendance.  Those who arrived early learned how to access library books through Over Drive, and then we were given an overview of Schoology.

Likewise the PTSA Welcome Back was well attended.  Because there is information about our priorities and changes this year, Principal Coffee dates and times, and Open House information, I will post the Power Point from our presentation.

PTSA Welcome 2016-2017

Finally, we had a surprise for our students this morning.  David Archuleta, runner up of the 2008 American Idol season performed for our students.  He spoke to the students about why he had selected each song, revealing how each held a deep importance for him.  Mr. Poulin took notes during Mr. Archuleta’s explanations, and discovered that much of what he said relates directly to our mission and vision:

1. Find the light in people.
2. Follow your heart.
3. Know and understand your roots to help discover who you are.
4. Collaborate to learn how to express yourself in new ways.
5. Find joy in your work!
6. Listen to the symphony of your life and you’ll discover your purpose, and perhaps like David Archuleta, even discover your dream.

Inspiring words on a Monday morning from an inspiring young man!


Becky Read, Principal

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