MS Photo Days


August 25th & August 26th are Middle School photo days

Tuesday, August 23rd, your child will bring home an order form from the school photographer.

Students will be coming out of their Physical Education classes to have the school pictures taken.

Should you choose to order photos, the form and payment must be brought to school on the day of photos and given directly to the photographer. Please do not send money in advance as teachers will not be collecting it.

This year, we are adding the option for online orders also, for the parents that would like to review the photograph before purchase.

How this will work is, after the photo days, the photographer will be uploading the images to a secure online gallery. The password for the school gallery will be shared with you and along with the link to parents and students. You will then be able to log in and pay with credit card. All online orders will be bundled and shipped to the school for distribution, just like the pre-orders. We hope that the online orders will be successful, and we can move to an online only model for the future.

We are still offering the pre-orders this year for our current customers who are used to this aspect.

MS Photo Form 2016

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