Last Full Week!

Thank you SO much for a wonderful year! It was a pleasure working with your child each and every day and seeing their smiling faces and watching them learn and grow! Each child brought something special to KMM and we will miss their lovely personalities next year. We Β hope you have a fabulous summer and all the best in first grade! Here is our last video of highlights from KMM:



Week 36 and 37!

The Tigers have been busy doing fun activities! Last week, they learned about measuring in math and enjoyed reading with their partners. They are having so much fun using their five senses to write poetry. Last week, the children ate popcorn and this week they ate apples and made pasta to write poetry. The children enjoyed bringing in their stuffed animals today. In science, they are working with a partner to research an animal and talk about the impact humans have on their animal.

We celebrated Christina and Eric’s birthday and the children enjoyed eating cake! Here are some pictures, enjoy! πŸ™‚

IMG_9421 IMG_9504 IMG_9494 IMG_9493 IMG_9488 IMG_9487 IMG_9485 IMG_9483 IMG_9467 IMG_9463 IMG_9460 IMG_9459 IMG_9458 IMG_9457 IMG_9455 IMG_9454 IMG_9453 IMG_9452 IMG_9451 IMG_9449 IMG_9447 IMG_9444 IMG_9440 IMG_9438 IMG_9437 IMG_9435 IMG_9434 IMG_9432 IMG_9430 IMG_9429 IMG_9425 IMG_9422


Week 35!

This week the students were excited to perform in the last Pre-K-2 assembly! They did a great job learning two songs “I Like Roses” and “Catch Me the Color of a Rainbow.” They had rehearsal on Thursday and did a fabulous job performing it on Friday. Thank you for coming! Here are some photos, enjoy! πŸ™‚

IMG_9284 IMG_9282 IMG_9280 IMG_9273 IMG_9269 IMG_9268 IMG_9266 IMG_9263 IMG_9261 IMG_9254

Week 33 and 34!

Wow, the weeks are flying as we continue in the month of May! These past two weeks the Tigers have been learning about the interdependency of plants and animals. We have been planting a lot and the children have been watering their lovely flowers that our wonderful classroom parent Ms. Amy bought for the children. The children are enjoying watching our lima bean plants grow as well!

Thank you again for coming to the writing and reading celebration, the children were so excited to sing and read their books that they published. It has been amazing watching their progression all year long.

The children had fun on the field trip and enjoyed learning about how manure is made and feeding the animals such as the rabbits, pigs and goats! They enjoyed making cookies and walking around the farm! Thank you to the parents who volunteered!

Here are pictures from these events, enjoy! πŸ™‚

IMG_9005 IMG_9250 IMG_9236 IMG_9235 IMG_9234 IMG_9232 IMG_9224 IMG_9223 IMG_9222 IMG_9220 IMG_9219 IMG_9218 IMG_9217 IMG_9216 IMG_9215 IMG_9214 IMG_9213 IMG_9212 IMG_9211 IMG_9210 IMG_9209 IMG_9208 IMG_9207 IMG_9206 IMG_9205 IMG_9203 IMG_9202 IMG_9200 IMG_9198 IMG_9197 IMG_9195 IMG_9190 IMG_9189 IMG_9186 IMG_9184 IMG_9182 IMG_9181 IMG_9176 IMG_9175 IMG_9174 IMG_9172 IMG_9171 IMG_9170 IMG_9168 IMG_9167 IMG_9166 IMG_9165 IMG_9164 IMG_9163 IMG_9162 IMG_9161 IMG_9160 IMG_9159 IMG_9158 IMG_9079 IMG_9078 IMG_9076 IMG_9075 IMG_9073 IMG_9072 IMG_9071 IMG_9070 IMG_9068 IMG_9065 IMG_9064 IMG_9063 IMG_9061 IMG_9060 IMG_9059 IMG_9035 IMG_9032 IMG_9031 IMG_9030 IMG_9027 IMG_9026 IMG_9022 IMG_9019 IMG_9018 IMG_9016 IMG_9015 IMG_9013 IMG_9011 IMG_9010 IMG_9008 IMG_9007 IMG_9006IMG_9002 IMG_9001 IMG_8999 IMG_8996 IMG_8993 IMG_8992 IMG_8989 IMG_8987 IMG_8986 IMG_8985 IMG_8982 IMG_8981 IMG_8979 IMG_8978 IMG_8976 IMG_8975 IMG_8974

Week 32!

Earth week was a success with KMM planting flowers and learning about ways to take care of the earth! We read a book called The Great Kapok Tree which went nicely with Earth week and our persuasive writing unit.

The children loved running the track for Relay for Life and drinking delicious lemonade! They did a great job and enjoyed finding their luminary bags on the track.

In math, the Tigers loved making solid shapes from play-doh and toothpicks. They continued to write about ways to help the earth in writing and are getting excited for their writing celebration that will be coming up soon. In reading, children set goals for themselves by thinking about what reading power they need to work on.

We celebrated Michael’s birthday on Friday and overall it was a fantastic week! Here are some pictures from our fun filled week, enjoy! πŸ™‚

IMG_8972 IMG_8970 IMG_8967 IMG_8965 IMG_8960 IMG_8958 IMG_8955 IMG_8952 IMG_8950 IMG_8949 IMG_8948 IMG_8947 IMG_8946 IMG_8945 IMG_8944 IMG_8943 IMG_8942 IMG_8941 IMG_8939 IMG_8937 IMG_8936 IMG_8933 IMG_8929 IMG_8920 IMG_8919 IMG_8918 IMG_8915 IMG_8914 IMG_8912 IMG_8911 IMG_8910 IMG_8909 IMG_8907 IMG_8906 IMG_8905 IMG_8904 IMG_8903 IMG_8902 IMG_8901 IMG_8900 IMG_8897 IMG_8896 IMG_8895 IMG_8892 IMG_8890 IMG_8888 IMG_8885 IMG_8884 IMG_8883 IMG_8881 IMG_8880 IMG_8879 IMG_8875 IMG_8873 IMG_8870 IMG_8869 IMG_8867 IMG_8865 IMG_8864 IMG_8860 IMG_8856 IMG_8854 IMG_8850 IMG_8846 IMG_8845 IMG_8843 IMG_8841 IMG_8839 IMG_8838 IMG_8837 IMG_8836 IMG_8835 IMG_8834 IMG_8831 IMG_8830 IMG_8829 IMG_8828 IMG_8827 IMG_8825 IMG_8824 IMG_8823 IMG_8822 IMG_8821 IMG_8820 IMG_8818 IMG_8817 IMG_8814 IMG_8812


Week 31!

We had a lot of fun highlights from this week! We finished up Student Led Conferences and the children reflected on what they liked teaching their parents. You can see your child’s reflection on the bulletin board outside KMM.

Thank you to Ms. Sharon, Zavier’s Grandma who was the mystery reader! We did a painting activity with our third grade buddies using watercolors and learned some techniques to try. The children enjoyed starting a new writing unit called Avid readers. They learned what an avid reader is and how they are avid readers themselves. They used post it notes to share with their reading partners their feeling when reading a book. Please enjoy the video, thank you so much! πŸ™‚


Week 30!

The Tigers did an outstanding job at student led conferences! They were wonderful teachers to their parents and enjoyed explaining all that they have learned this year. Thank you so much for coming to support your child and asking them questions about their learning. It was wonderful to see the pride and excitement in each child. In the coming week, I will be emailing activities you can do at home with your child to continue to reinforce the concepts they are learning in school. Here are the pictures from student led conferences, have a fabulous and relaxing weekend! πŸ™‚

IMG_8507 IMG_8600 IMG_8593 IMG_8586 IMG_8579 IMG_8574 IMG_8572 IMG_8570 IMG_8566 IMG_8562 IMG_8560 IMG_8557 IMG_8547 IMG_8545 IMG_8539 IMG_8532 IMG_8527 IMG_8524 IMG_8522 IMG_8520 IMG_8515 IMG_8511 IMG_8510 IMG_8508


Week 29!

This week was full of fun and exciting things! The Tigers went to an assembly on Monday to see the author Todd Parr. Then, they got to listen to him read and talk about his books on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we went with the other kindergarten classes on a walking field trip to see what pushes and pulls in the world around us. We went to Ms. Koshika’s house where we all sang songs, ate lunch, engaged in Β special activities and ate ice-cream. The children had a blast! Thank you to our mystery reader this week, Angel! Here are pictures from the week, enjoy and have a safe and wonderful spring break! πŸ™‚

IMG_8357 IMG_8487 IMG_8482 IMG_8481 IMG_8479 IMG_8500 IMG_8492 IMG_8370 IMG_8387 IMG_8382 IMG_8380 IMG_8379 IMG_8377 IMG_8398 IMG_8395 IMG_8392 IMG_8390 IMG_8422 IMG_8418 IMG_8411 IMG_8405 IMG_8403 IMG_8432 IMG_8429 IMG_8428 IMG_8427 IMG_8425 IMG_0706 IMG_0704 IMG_0743 IMG_0742 IMG_0740 IMG_0739 IMG_0738 IMG_0737 IMG_0735 IMG_0734 IMG_0732 IMG_0727 IMG_0721 IMG_0718 IMG_0716 IMG_0714 IMG_0713 IMG_0712 IMG_0711 IMG_0709 IMG_0708 IMG_0707 IMG_8438 IMG_8437 IMG_8435 IMG_0750 IMG_0748 IMG_0747 IMG_0746 IMG_0780 IMG_0777 IMG_0775 IMG_0774 IMG_0773 IMG_0772 IMG_0771 IMG_0769 IMG_0764 IMG_0763 IMG_0761 IMG_0760 IMG_0759 IMG_0758 IMG_0757 IMG_0756 IMG_0754 IMG_0752 IMG_8444 IMG_8443 IMG_8440 IMG_8439 IMG_8451 IMG_8449 IMG_8447 IMG_8446 IMG_8456 IMG_8455 IMG_8454 IMG_8464 IMG_8462 IMG_8459 IMG_8458 IMG_8471 IMG_8468 IMG_8339 IMG_8334 IMG_8354 IMG_8351 IMG_8349 IMG_8348 IMG_8345 IMG_8362 IMG_8360 IMG_8358


Week 28!

This week was action packed as the KMM Tigers started swimming, celebrated Natalie’s birthday, had a mystery reader, made a portrait of themselves for welcoming author Todd Parr and went to an assembly! Thank you to Sam Lawn for being our mystery reader of the week! Here is the video (password kmm), please watch it with your child and enjoy!



Week 27!

This week, the Tigers had a lot of fun things going on! They had a math lesson with KKS, started a new writing unit, enjoyed playing at work time, celebrated William’s birthday and participated in a sing along on Friday with the other kindergarten classes. Here are pictures from the week and a video of the sing along, enjoy and have a fabulous weekend! πŸ™‚

IMG_8104 IMG_8098 IMG_8097 IMG_8101 IMG_8114 IMG_8006 IMG_8021 IMG_8018 IMG_8016 IMG_8041 IMG_8035 IMG_8048 IMG_8059 IMG_8084 IMG_8106 IMG_8108 IMG_8110 IMG_8119 IMG_8005 IMG_8011 IMG_8079 IMG_8069 IMG_8045 IMG_8019