Scientist of the week~ Ms. Iqbal!

I was the scientist of the week today! I did an experiment about static electricity with balloons. Ask your child how it works. We celebrated Dilan’s birthday with a beautiful Frozen cake! We visited Sylvia one last time today! We are enjoying the empty classroom! I made the kids promise not to write on walls … [Read more…]

Summer Sizzler

The weather and AQI were great and we had an amazing morning of fun and activity at our Summer Sizzler today.  The kindergarteners were paired up with 5th grade students and got to choose the activities they wanted to do.  Anything that involved getting wet was very popular! Ask your child which was his/her favorite … [Read more…]

We are problem solvers!

In today’s math class I presented the children with a problem about a farmer who needed to figure out how many feet and tails his cows and chickens had altogether (From ‘A Collection of Math Lessons’ by Marilyn Burns). I posed the following question: There are 4 cows. There are 3 chickens. How many feet … [Read more…]

Parents Who Encourage Reading for Pleasure See Education Rewards

This is from an interesting article in Education News about the correlation between parents encouraging their children to read and their children’s academic progress.  The article is based on a study done by the University of London. According to Graeme Paton of the Daily Telegraph, reading habits of more than 6,000 kids were closely monitored … [Read more…]

Scientist of the week~ Yu Shin!

Yu Shin was our scientist of the week and she did a fantastic experiment with her mom. Because it involved water, we went outside. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the experiment! Ask your child what the experiment was all about.  

Books to Eat!

We had fun looking at all the entries this morning. Thank you to the students who brought in their entries. Here is our class entry of our favorite book~ Pete the Cat!   And here is what I made with my daughter-