This page has some tools to help you in all of your classes: humanities, math, and science.  Some you probably use in your class already; some might be new to you.  Keep coming back to see additions.

For All Subjects

RewordifyScreen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.39.22 AM
Use this website help you understand a reading or text that is difficult to understand. It simplifies what you read. 




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Hemingway Editor:
Before you send me your writing, please use this app, Hemingway Editor, to help you review your work.  It highlights sentences that are hard to read, very hard to read, uses passive voice, overuses adverbs, etc.  You don’t have to accept all of the suggestions, especially about adverbs, but you should DEFINITELY LOOK AT “THE HARD TO READ” AND “VERY HARD TO READ” sentences. It does not catch punctuation errors so you still have to edit carefully for that.



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