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AR Reading Program 2015-206– Information about the AR reading program

Accelerated Reader website – Take quizzes.

ARbookfind – Find AR books and point values.

AR Book List – Find books in the upper part of your ZPD.

*** Sample AR Projects***


Trimester 1 due dates:

Sept. 18: 1st AR project due

Oct 6:  You should have 50% of your AR points

Oct. 23:  2nd AR project due

Nov. 13:  End of T1


Reading Projects

The Reading project has several parts. You need to do all of them!

1. Summary

general summary of the book
states the theme of the book
any other important information

2. The actual project you chose

Remember, during the course of the year you must choose one project from each standard.
You can repeat one standard.

3. In-depth analysis

Read the project description carefully
Use LOTS of evidence to support your claims.
Make sure that you have enough evidence and reasoning.

4. Textual evidence

Use quotes from the book that support your analysis
Be sure to include proper MLA citation

5. Works Cited

Use one of the many sites that can help you make an MLA reference
Check it to make sure the information is correct

General guidelines

At least one page in length
12 pt font
single spaced
Be sure to name the file Last.First.Title.Standard.Project (Robinson.James.TheGiver.4.3)


Use the rubric to check and self-assess
Reading Project Rubric


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