Due Dates

Always check with your individual teacher as their dates may differ slightly from the ones listed below.


Feb. 3rd: AR #4 (Feb. 2nd for Ms. DeGreef’s class)
Feb. 4th:  Choice universal write-up due (Feb. 3rd for Ms. DeGreef’s class)
Feb. 19:  Lord of the Flies on-demand writing assessment
Feb. 22:  Profile of society member (biography):  “How does this person reflect the culture of the society?”
Feb. 24:  Eyewitness books due (society books)
March 2:  All AR points for T2 due
March 4: End of T2


Wed. Jan. 20/Thurs. Jan. 21:  Formative assessment on Algebraic expressions and equations


Week of Jan. 18:  Summative assessment on the microscope (not sure what date exactly yet)


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