Revising your poetry

Revision Process 

Use the following questions to self and peer review your poems:

  • Did the poet follow the structure of the poem?arms
  • Are there the required amount of lines, poems, or quatrains?
  • Are the words well-chosen, descriptive, specific and precise (just right for the tone of the poem)? What changes can you recommend?
  • What poetic techniques did the poet use? Can you suggest other techniques they could use?
  • Is the poem THOUGHTFULLY written? What suggestions can you make for improvement?
  • You can follow these tips by Allan Wolf, professional poet, on how to go about revising your poem:  Revision ideas from Allan Wolf
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Revising Poetry


Step 1:  Verbs and nouns
Review a poem that you have already created

    • replace weak verbs with stronger verbs
    • replace general nouns with more specific nouns
    • are the words well-chosen and descriptive?

Step 2: Poetic devices
Are there any LOGICAL spots to insert…..

    • a simile – comparing two unlike things using like or as
    • a metaphor – comparing two unlike things without using like or as
    • personification – giving a non-human thing human-like qualities
    • hyperbole – use of exaggeration
    • Line break – deliberate placement of words/phrase in a poem

Step 3:  Improving your poem

  • MOVE words, lines, or phrases around
  • CUT THE FAT!  Remove any unnecessary words
  • Choose the JUST RIGHT words
  • Read your poem OUT LOUD

Step 4:  Final revisions

  • Ideas:  Do I use sensory details?  Does my poem convey my true thoughts and feelings?
  • Organization:  Are my ideas in the best order? Do my line breaks and indents help the poem make sense?
  • Voice: Does my poem show my personality?
  • Word Choice:  Do I use creative poetic techniques like onomatopoeia, personification, and line breaks?
  • Sentence Fluency:  Does the rhythm of my poem fit my topic?

Step 5:  Read aloud again, again, and again



Poetry Portfolio Due Dates

due dates

Essential questions:
What causes change?
How do people react to change?

Due Dates:
May 2-6th :8 poems finished; draft of SLAM poem
May 9th: AR project due
May 17th: Poetry Portfolio due
May 18-20:  SLAM poems performed

Requirements of poetry portfolio:

A. Number of poems

4 poem on changemaker
4 poems about self
1 SLAM poem

B. Timeline of changemaker

C. Analysis of each poem:  What was the poetic form you chose to write about? Why did you choose that poetic form? What emotion were you aiming for in your poem? How did you get to your intended emotion through the word choice?  Why did you choose the words you did? Finally, set the context of the poem (what are you writing about?).

Samples of poetry portfolios from previous years:

claire03pd2020 change portfolio