The End

Another school year is over!

Thank you to all my students, parents, and colleagues.

It has been eight wonderful years. 

Remember to always do your best, be organized, say thank you,

and have some fun along the way.

Best Wishes!

Ms Kyle

Prep Pillow Paper Project for Posterity


End-of-Year Reflection

Can you say “prep pillow paper project for posterity” ten times as fast as you can without a mistake?

How do you want to remember your

6LK Blue/Green Humanities class?


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.29.37 AM

First do this ➔

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.29.22 AM

Second do this ➔

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.30.10 AM

Read a little bit about dragons – CLICK below on:

Chinese Dragon Info

IF you want to see examples, type in “pillow” in the spy glass for my blog and you will be able to SEE previous years and their work. 

PLEASE finish your sketching as we have only a few days to complete the project. Tomorrow in class we need to trace in black on the paper and then trace on the pillow, so that on Thursday we can color and iron. 

Do or Due? That is the QUESTION!

AT the end of class “tomorrow …..” ? ?

“It’s only a day away!” ?


  • Dragon Keeper sentence summaries, 19 Danzi sayings, and characters descriptions should be drop boxed ASAP
  • Danzi Daoist quote/saying essay explanation
  • AR book report
  • Finish the Han Dynasty Learning Stations
  • InterActive Notebook self-reflect and turn in
  • Retake of Philosophy quiz for some people!

IF you left things for the last minute – check the last 2 blog posts if you need to be reminded of what we talked about in class and what to do.


Dragon Stone

May 18 ➼

  1. Those who didn’t present today will do so tomorrow.

  2. Uphappy_purple_dragon_by_wolfgangmustdie-d36rphcdate the DK Packet for the final additions

  3. Choose a Danzi saying to show understanding of the philosophical meaning using context clues. Use the CER (Claim/Evidence/Reason) Model. What was Danzi’s meaning? What was he trying to teach Ping? Write your rough
    draft so it can be edited tomorrow. Check your rubric.


May 17 ➼

DK Chapter 24 – The resolution of all the excitement that happened to Ping, Hua, Danzi, and the surprise revelation! But…. then there were 2.DKbaby

What else should I be doing?

  1. Work on Invention Essay – the legacy of Ancient China. Check the rubric! Presentations for at least 6 students on Wednesday and the rest on Thursday.

  2. Work on the DK Packet and update the sentence summaries, the dragon sayings, and the character descriptions/development. Check the rubrics


Ancient Chinese Inventions


For centuries Chinese emperors encouraged the development of science and technology. The Chinese mastered techniques that did not appear in the west until centuries later. When they did reach other areas it was because the ideas were carried along the Silk Road and other trade routes. These developments are inventions that have contributed to the advancement of technologies around the world.

In your opinion which invention left a legacy on the rest of the world? Choose an invention and investigate it to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of China’s legacy and the impact left on ancient and modern China, as well as the rest of the world.

Choose ONE invention. Research and take notes for an informative essay explaining who invented it (IF known), how it works, the importance of the invention, and how is it still used today (connection). An essay, oral presentation and a plaque will be the final outcome.

We will be working on this in class and some of it at home. It is due on Tuesday, May 17 at the end class.

Below is the list of some of the inventions.

  1. wheelbarrow
  2. printing (woodblock and movable type)
  3. fireworks
  4. weapons (rocket, bomb, mine, cannon)
  5. porcelain
  6. umbrella
  7. camera obscura
  8. odometer cart
  9. rudder
  10. deep-drilling techniques
  11. mechanical clock
  12. suspension bridge
  13. weaving
  14. paper
  15. gunpowder
  16. silk
  17. magnetic compass
  18. kite
  19. horses’ saddle
  20. canal lock
  21. sundial
  22. watertight ship bulkhead
  23. acupuncture/moxibustion
  24. multiplication tables
  25. stirrup
  26. potter’s wheel
  27. chain pump
  28. lacquer
  29. iron plow
  30. sails
  31. playing cards
  32. chui-han (golf)
  33. chopsticks
  34. green tea
  35. noodles
  36. toothbrush
  37. zu-qui (soccer)
  38. paper money

What makes an invention important?

  • it makes work easier
  • it improves health
  • it improves quality of life
  • it is used by many people
  • it has an impact on history

Some interesting information to spark your interest:

Take the quiz. What did you learn or know? Screen shot. Show Ms. Kyle.


Monday, May 16 – Philosophy Quiz

May 20 – AR Book Report Due (Facebook print)

May 31 – Last days to take AR Quizzes for 10 books

Will the REAL Dragon Keeper please stand up?

May 13 ➜

Take the Shang Dynasty Quiz & then show Ms Kyle:



May 12 ➜

Is something in the air??

READ Chapter 20 and find out.

What do you think?


Have you studied for the Shang Dynasty quiz? It is tomorrow!!

May 11 ➜

Finish reading Chapter 18 & 19. Add details to the packet. Come ready to compare the two banquets. How were the banquets similar and/or different?



Effect or Ineffective

May 11 – 

The Dragon Keeper:

  1. Read Chapters 16-17
  2. Complete the Packet work

May 10 –

  1. Read the article.
  2. Highlight the difficult words.
  3. Underline the main idea of each paragraph
  4. Make connections between what you read and what we discussed in class.
  5.  Share your thoughts in class.

The Dragon Keeper:

  1. Read Chapters 14-15
  2. Complete the Packet work


Land Features Quiz:

Land Form Quiz:

Shang Dynasty:

Chinese Philosophies:

Chinese Philosophies & Ethical Codes:

Dragon in the Lake

Dragon Keeper – Read Chapters 11-13

What is the deeper meaning of ? – “enjoying the simple pleasures of being warm, dry, and well fed,” as Ping sat with Hua and Danzi in the rock overhang, sipping tea and looking out at the landscape?