October 19, 2015

ES students – Please practice “the lion sleeps tonight” with this sound file

Grade 5 orchestra students


The Jazz Concert is right around the corner! Please practice the music “The lion sleeps tonight” hard at home. There are two things that you should be doing in your practice:

1: the 8th note rhythm. Put the metronome on 114, and practice the 8th notes with it.

2: After you finish practicing 8th notes alone, then practice playing the whole piece with the recording in this post. REMEMBER to play all the repeats!


Have fun 🙂



October 9, 2015

Jazz concert preparation info

The time is fast approaching.  The doors to the PAC are about to open, and we are getting ready to christen our new facility with our first performance of the season, a whole school Jazz Gala with the Charl du Plessis Trio! This performance, which involves students from elementary, middle and high schools will take place on Friday, October 30th at 6:00 pm.

Here are some of the information:

– Students participating in the 6:00pm Jazz Gala should plan to stay after school until the performance. There will be informal student performances going on after school and an early dinner can be purchased with student I.D. cards.

Concert dress

HS – will be provided by the school.

ES: – FORMAL black bottom: long black skirt or trousers for girls, boys should be wearing black trousers. NO jeans or sports pantsFORMAL nice white top. NO T-shirt or polo; FORMAL black shoes with black socks. NO sports shoes or sneakers.


– Jazz Gala Tickets: We have just launched a new ticketing system for the PAC; gala tickets can be obtained via http://sites.saschina.org/performingarts/jazz-gala-with-the-charl-du-plessis-trio/. (The ticketing system will require you to create a log-in.) Please note that, though free, tickets are required for entry to the Jazz Gala due to the popular nature of the event.

September 18, 2015

HS — AMIS Pre-screening recording

If you are planing to audition for AMIS orchestra, you should record yourself playing all the scales (with metronome), and the music excerpt at home, and send all the sound files to me by email no later than September 23, Wednesday.  My e-mail: Linda.Hu@saschina.org


I will reply and let you know if you are: ready to make the final recording, or needs some improvements before making the final recording (I’ll let you know where and what), or please try again next year.



October 8 – 16. Sign-up sheet will be available after pre-screening result.




August 20, 2015

Welcome back

Hello everyone

Hope you’ve all had a great summer vacation, and are ready to make some good music throughout the year. Since I will be teaching both Elementary School and High School orchestra classes, I have created different pages on my blog for posting information for different classes. Please click on the one that meets your need.


February 9, 2015

Homework for Feb 9-13

Homework for violin:

#156: Open string “E”

#157: Note “A”

#158: Note “G” (second finger touching FIRST finger)

#159: Note “F sharp” (1st finger on yellow line)

#164: Note “B” (4th finger on E string)

Homework for viola and cello

#144: Note C”

#145: Note “F”

#146: Note “E”

# 147: Note “D”

Homework for ALL instruments:

#132: practice playing the note: C-natural (on A string)

#149: New key: C Major Scale 

February 9, 2015

Maternity Leave – March to June

Dear parents


It has been a pleasure getting to know your child. They are a respectful and bright group of students.


My husband and I are expecting our second baby on March 6th, while I’m excited to welcome a new member into my family, I am sad that I will not be at school until the end of this school year with all of my students. My last teaching date will to be February 27th.


I’m very pleased that Ms. Vivian Chen will be my substitute while I’m away. She has subbed for me when I was away on maternity leave for my first baby, and this time she is able to help my class again. I feel fortunate to have such a qualified teacher as my long-term substitute. (Please note that Ms. Vivian Chen won’t be able to teach Monday classes due to her long-term job with another international school. Ms. Mindy Ruskovich, also a great music teacher will be here on Mondays to cover the classes.)


Ms. Chen will soon be available by e-mail: Vivian.chen@saschina.org . She will let the students know when this e-mail is available. And please feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the class while I’m gone.


Below is a letter to you from Ms. Chen.




Linda Hu


Dear parents

My name is Vivian Chen. I will be your child’s string orchestra teacher during Ms. Linda Hu’s maternity leave.

I’m a violin player and I love to teach young students. I have over 8 years teaching experience including individual and group lessons in private and institutional settings.  I love the children and working atmosphere in SAS. I was the long-term substitute string teacher from August to December 2013 for Ms. Hu, and I successfully organized the winter concert. I also have teaching experience in another two international school since 2007. I always try to create a safe and engaging learning environment where everyone is considered unique and where everyone is inspired to learn. I would reinforce my teaching philosophies with outstanding practices to ensure that every student could be the best that they could be. I feel that my experience as a musician and a teacher, incorporated with my enthusiasm and personality would help my students to understand music and love to play their instruments.


Besides music, I love to spend time with friends, travel, read, movie, art, culture and people around us.


I’m sure that the new term will give us more opportunities to get to know each other and work as a team. I’m looking forward to working with your child.

Best regards,


Vivian Chen



January 19, 2015

Welcome back! Playing assignments starts from Jan 19. Due Jan 25.

Hi everyone

Welcome back! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday.

This week, you will need to start your Playing Assignments again from home. I will update what you need to play on every Monday again. please remember to check my blog on Mondays.

For week of Jan 19, the assignments are:

From Essential Elements book

# 73 – 8th note rhythm

#83 – violin and violas: use 4th finger and also playing half note rhythm

           Cellos: use this exercise as half note practice

When practicing, and recording the assignment, please use the METRONOME. The speed should be 80 or above. 

Don’t forget to rename the sound file before you send it to me. The format is: your name+class+exercise number. This should be the title of the email, too. 

My email: linda.hu@saschina.org

November 24, 2014

Homework for Nov 24-30

Keep practicing the music that we are going to perform on Dec 18. Make sure to learn #42 and 43 in the Essential Elements book. Use the metronome and put the tempo at 80.



November 19, 2014

Homework for Nov 17-23 (no assignment week)

There is no assignment for this week. 

I would like everyone to focus on learning New World symphony. But also don’t stop practicing for London Bridge to refine your skills and techniques. 

In the concert we will perform:

1. Dreidel (#36)

2. Old McDonald (#42)

3. A Mozart melody (#43)

4. Theme and variation on London Bridge

5. New World Symphony theme