What a Party!

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A beautiful party to culminate the successes of our children, memories to cherish in year to come! Thanks you amazing parents, you rock!


Last Swimming Session of Kindergarten!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for the Field Day!


Ms. Koshika, Mr. Glenn and Ms. Jackie

Busy month of May (May 3rd-May 20th)

KKS Rocks!




Lovely smiles, flying hair, some closed eyes…it was a windy day!

Kindergarten Rock Stars in the Assembly!

Hand on Experiences to Learn 3D /Solid Shapes 

Dirt is Good!

Enjoying nature, learning and discovering by doing…let kids be kids, let them get their their clothes dirty in the process of getting valuable learning experiences. Washing machines can take care of dirty clothes!

Learning is Play!

Mystery Readers 

We had two mystery readers in the past two weeks.


  • I wear glasses
  • I have a son.
  • My son has two pet turtles

Last clue gave it away as Ansh’s turtles Rosie and Norman visited KKS community and they were the stars of the day!

Anil read a book on soccer for KKS kids, Soccer is Ansh’s and his dad’s favorite sport. Kids were totally engaged listening to non fiction book. He patiently answered to all students’ questions. Since he came on the day with Date with Dad, he had many moms and dads as audience along with KKS students.Thanks Anil!


  • I am a mom, a teacher, and I have been a Mystery Reader before.
  • My daughter has written about planting trees and caring for earth.
  • She is also strict about following rules and reminds others of them, too.

On the last clue, all kids pointed at Ana, yes that is our dear Ana…very righteous! It was a very special mystery reader sessions as kindergartners went to High School to mystery reader’s classroom. Diana was so impressed that how well behaved the our kindergartners were, making sure not t disturb big kids. KKS kids also noticed a tattoo on Dijana’s leg and we had some interesting conversations around tatoos…we have good observers and inquirers! Thanks Dijana for providing this unique experience to KKS Community kids.

Baking with Coco!

Thanks Coco for teaching kids to bake delicious butter vanilla and chocolate cookies!

Date with Dad

Author Celebration with Parents

Field Trip to Mahota Farms


Amazing Mystery Reader


Have  a great weekend!


Ms. Koshika and Mr. Glenn


Week 32 in KKS (April 25th- April 29th)

Writing Celebration with Grade 4 Buddies

An interactive Persuasive Writing celebration with our Grade 4 buddies. Kindergartners presented their posters to Grade 4 buddies and many Grade 4 buddies mentioned  their Kindergartners buddies were  pretty convincing  to address their audience to change their personal world or our Earth for better. We also sang a song together, encouraging one another to have a courage to change our world, “Together We Can Change Our World!”

Learning Vowels Sounds and Gestures with Ms. Sybil

KKS friends and Ms. Sybil had a hands on session where kindergartners practiced the sounds of 5 short vowels with gestures. The purpose of this session was to give kindergartners skills to transfer the understanding of vowel sounds in their writing. They used three strategies:

Short Vowel SoundAction for each short vowel soundExample of each short Vowel sound

Ask your child, the name of 5  vowels, short vowel sound they make and what is the gesture for each one and example of each vowel sound. ( P A T has short vowel a, P E T has short vowel e, P O T has short vowel o, P I T has short vowel i and C U T has short vowel u). Hopefully the should be able to give you an example of each.

Thank you Ms. Sybil!

Mystery Reader


  1. I have short hair
  2. I have two boys and the bigger one is going to middle school this year
  3. The first name of my boy who is in KKS starts with “ E”

KKS friends guessed on the second clue who the mystery reader was!

Shelly read a traditional fairy tale “The Three Little Pigs and A Big Bad Wolf” with a twist where the roles have been switched. It was called “The Three Little Wolves and A Big Bad Pig”. This  hilarious book kept me and children  laughing out loud!  Children seem to love the twist on this story and the drama and action that occurs through out.  There is also a moral about behaviour at the end, as the pig changes his ways, but not by being forced, but through experiencing something that he found beautiful.


It is a twist on a classic tale, as the name suggests, about three little wolves that leave their mother to build a house. The first house built of bricks gets knocked down by the BIG BAD PIG who uses a sledge hammer. The second house built of concrete, gets knocked down by a pneumatic drill. The third house, built of the strongest materials imaginable, gets blown up by dynamite. The final house is built with flowers, and when the BIG BAD PIG comes along to blow down the house, he breathes in the beautiful sent of the flowers, realises the error or his ways, becomes a nice pig, and ends up living and playing with the little wolves.


Read A-Loud with Ms. Teri Lynn

Ms. Terri Lynn read “The Little Mouse and the Big Hungry Bear” and along with KKS friend she charted down the character strengths of the Little Mouse like strong, fast, clever, worried and so on.

“The Little Mouse and the Big Hungry Bear” is a picture book in which the Little Mouse will do all he can to save his strawberry from the Big, Hungry Bear, even if it means sharing it with the reader. Little Mouse loves strawberries, but so does the bear…How will Little Mouse stop the bear from eating his freshly picked, red, ripe strawberry.



Students have been  growing number sense by comparing lengths, weights, and capacity of containers. They worked in groups for this learning engagements. Please show pictures to your child and ask him/her about some of the things they compared.

Using 3 D shapes to design Creations

Sharing KKS Garden with Buddies and Ms. Teri Lynn

Real Life Experiences

And the gardening continues….please come by and check KKS garden, its brimming with life!

Ansh’s Turtles Norma and Rosie visited KKS Classroom

Rosie and Norman were truly the stars of the day. Ansh mentioned that after their visit to KKS Community, they had a long nap. They were exhausted after all that poking, nudging, tapping from the students along with listening to excited squeals and screams from the kids all day long.


Enjoying New Play Equipment in Indoor Covered Court

A generous parent has donated Radio Flyer Play equipments for PK and kindergarten students. Enjoy the beautiful pics of KKS friends!

IMG_1939 IMG_1938 IMG_1937 IMG_1936 IMG_1935 IMG_1933 IMG_1932 IMG_1930 IMG_1928 IMG_1853 IMG_1850 IMG_1849 IMG_1847 IMG_1845 IMG_1843 IMG_1840 IMG_1835 IMG_1836 IMG_1837 IMG_1838 IMG_1839 IMG_1835 IMG_1833

Shanghai American School Elementary China Alive Week

Please check the following message from Ms. Mao.

On the week of May 3rd to May 6th, the Elementary School will be participating in our seventh China Alive experience.  The purpose of China Alive is to integrate the rich, diverse Chinese culture with SAS student learning.

Instead of going out a day trip for upper grades and a carnival day for lower grades, we are going to use the whole week Chinese time to have a new tryout for students’ cultural learning experience, inviting expert teachers to come share and demonstrate their wonderful expertise to our students.

Here is the schedule for the week:

May. 3rd (Tuesday) Chinese Fan Painting

May. 4th (Wednesday) Sugar Painting

(Experts are invited to each Chinese classroom)

May. 5th (Thursday) Dough Modeling

(Experts are invited to each Chinese classroom)

May. 6th (Friday)    Chinese Fun Game Day

(Chopstick fun, brush writing, Tangrams and shuttlecock kicking)

We are very excited about offering this new experience to our students. If, as a parent, you are interested in helping with our China Alive experience, please let your child’s Chinese teacher know. Thanks in advance for your help!

Please mark the 7 swimming days on your calendar. Please note that swimming will be in lieu of P.E. on Mondays and Thursdays, starting from May 11th.

Please attend upcoming Math Talks (check KKS May June Calendar).

If you have older kid/s in Middle School and High School, please attend the Math Talk on May 5th. Also, please attend the one on May 17th for Pk-Grade 2 Students (Principal’s Coffee).

Thanks Parents for all your support!


Ms. Koshika and Mr. Glenn


Earth Week and Relay 4 Life!

Relay 4 Life

Thanks to KKS community Students and Parents for walking 101 laps, decorating luminary bags and cash donations.  Special thanks to our youngest walker Kiwi (Shanghai’s sister), Juan aka Lyra’s mom, Zahira aka Faustino’s mom, Tiffany aka Lola’s Mom, Faye aka Maya’s mom, Shiru aka Ansh’s mom and Mr. Pham aka Shanghai’s dad for walking with us!

Kids were full of zest and enthusiasm walking for a great cause refreshing themselves every now and then with a cool drink of lemonade. All of created lovely memories of this meaningful day which we will cherish for sure in days to come.
IMG_5261 IMG_5215

Earth Week

Thanks to Tiffany to touch our outdoor area with her green thumb and for making it beautiful green space for kindergartners. She also planted vegetables and herbs with kindergartners. Enjoy the pics below from the Earth Week and planting with Tiffany. Please come by and have a look at our gorgeous green area whenever you are visiting KKS.

KKS Garden created by Tiffany

IMG_1818 IMG_1817 IMG_1821 IMG_1823 IMG_1822

Earth Week Pledge signed by KKS Community


Eagle Leaders came to KKS sell Slushy and Cookies

Have an awesome weekend ahead!


Ms. Koshika and Mr. Glenn

Week 30 in KKS (April 11th-April 15th)

Scientific Investigations

We launched our  last Science unit, “Interdependence of Plants and Animals”. Students investigated into the difference between living and non living things and the needs of the living things. They investigated into the characteristics of living and non living things and came to the following conclusions:

IMG_1771 IMG_1772

Someone observed that sun is a living thing, we brainstormed as a class and came to the conclusion that sun is a non living thing as it does not need water, food and air to live.

Lima Beans Experiment

We had an interesting discussion if seed is a living or a non living thing. The conclusion was that if we will put seed in soil and give it water, it will grow into a plant so it is a living thing.

Students have put the soaked lima beans in the ziplock bags , each ziplock bag has a wet tissue paper and we put those bags on the glass against the sun. Sunlight and Water for the beans

We have also put a few soaked lima beans in the sun but without any additional water. Sunlight but no water for the beans

We have put a few soaked lima band on the wet tissue paper, in a ziplock bag  but in total darkness. Water but no sunlight for the beans

Kids will record their observations on three different parameters and will draw conclusions from these inquiries.


Reading Playdates

Ask your child about Reading Playdates and what do they like to play during Reading Playdate. There are three broad categories: Play School, Play Games and Play Pretend. Under each category we have 2 or more options.

Mystery Reader


  • I have two kids.
  • I have been the Mystery Reader once before.
  • I was born in the USA.
Till clue two, 5 students…Maya, Elena, Reanna, Ethan, Waylon thought that their moms will be the mystery readers. However third clue gave it away as they guessed that it was Elena’s mom aka Kate as all the other moms were not born in the USA.
Kate read Tiger-Tiger, Is It True? , a story about a little tiger who thinks that his whole world is falling apart: his parents don’t love him, his friends have abandoned him, and life is unfair. But a wise turtle asks him four questions, and everything changes. He realizes that all his problems are not caused by things, but by his thoughts about things; and that when he questions his thoughts, life becomes wonderful again. This is a heartwarming story with a powerful message that can transform the lives of even very young children.
Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.20.15 PM

Relay for Life Presentation for Kindergartners

60 students kindergartners had an opportunity to have a presentation from our Grade 5 Eagle Leaders. Thanks to those who send the money for the noble cause. Please ask your child to bring the luminary bag if your child hasn’t done it as yet. We will be looking forward to seeing you walking the track with your child!

Earth Week

Please check the following poster to see the upcoming events of the Earth Week. Come by to sign the Earth Week Pledge in front of Eagle Shop!EARTH WEEKHave a lovely rest of Sunday!


Ms. Koshika  and Mr. Glenn

Have an awesome Spring Break!

Enjoy the pics with your child during your break.

Happy Birthday Shanghai


Happy Birthday Mr. Glenn

IMG_4814 IMG_4824

 Decomposing Numbers

Standard: Decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 into pairs in more than one way e.g., by using objects or drawings and record each decomposition by a drawing or equation (e.g., 5=2+3 and 5=4+1)

  1. Use your marker to complete the number bond of 10.

2. Anya’s friends brought her 9 presents. They put some of the presents on one table and the rest on the other table. (Orange construction papers were used  to represent each table.) Use the cubes to show me how Anya’s presents could look. Now, draw a number bond about Anya’s presents.

Fun with Todd Parr


Kindergarten Field Trip

Have an awesome break!


Ms. Koshika and Mr. Glenn


Week 28 (March 14th-March 18th)

Becoming Avid Readers!

This week we launched our fourth reading unit, “Becoming Avid Readers”. The dictionary definition of of avid is “having or shown a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something.” That is exactly what you hope for your kindergarteners-that they continue to develop their interest and enthusiasm for reading so that reading becomes a life long love that extends beyond the school walls and past the playground fences. You want your children to leave kindergarten with a love of reading that is strong enough to propel them to carry books on picnics and visits to grandparents through the summer months and straight into the beginning of first grade.

Enjoy below the short videos and pictures of KKS Avid Readers.

Avid Reader Reanna

Avid Reader Waylon

Avid Reader Faustino

Avid Reader Ian

Avid Reader Maya

Avid Reader Lola

Avid Reader Shanghai

Avid Reader Elena

Avid Reader Ana

Avid Reader Ansh

Avid Reader Lucas

Avid Reader Lyra

Avid Reader Ethan

Avid Reader Anna

Mystery Reader


  • I am a parent in KKS Community.
  • I have never been a mystery reader before.
  • I am a teacher at SAS.

Kids had no difficulty in guessing that Mr. Pham, Shanghai’s dad was our mystery reader. However, Kiwi presence as an assitant mystery reader was a pleasant surprise!@

He read Duck! Rabbit! , one of our mentor texts for Persuasive Writing. Is it a duck or a rabbit? Depends on how you look at it and how you convince your readers. Ask your child if it was a duck or a rabbit?

Todd Parr Art

ES students made art in Todd Parr’s style to welcome him to SAS. You will find  Todd Parr inspired mural project outside library and in ES reception area.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 4.38.03 PM

Math in Kindergarten

Fun at Big Pyramid

What’s Coming Up Next Week:

Sign up for SLC: Monday, March 21st and Tuesday, March 22nd Onwards

Todd Parr Assembly: Monday, March 21st

Field Trip: Wednesday March 23rd

KKS meets Todd Parr: Thursday, March 24th

Passport Check: Thursday, March 24th

Have a lovely weekend!


Ms. Koshika and Mr. Glenn

Week 27 in KKS (March 7th-11th)

Kindergarten Sing Along

Music transcends all boundaries and brings people together…Kindergartners got together on Friday morning to have a sing-along with their peers to have a fun time. Enjoy the video below and ask your child to sing four (Zippy Dee Da, Magic Penny, Hockey Pockey, Down By the Bay)  delightful songs for you. Thanks Mr. King for putting the video together.

Writer’s Workshop in KKS

Enjoy watching our young writers at work!





Connecting Shared Reading to Word Study

This week we read ‘Shopping with Meanies” as our shared reading text. One of the days we focussed on the digraphs th and the words starting with the. Check out the pictures below and ask your child about this learning experience.

Celebrating ‘How To” Published Book with 4TB Buddies

KKS friends read their published books for their Grade 4 buddies. Big buddies cheered their kindergarten friends on their growth over the last 120 days.Lovely shots reflect the beautiful moments amongst the friends.

Composing and Decomposing Numbers within 10

Number Fluency and Number Flexibility within 10 is our goal for kindergartens. Hands on learning engagements with manipulative solidify the learning and the understanding. Ask your child how many different ways they can compose number 10.

Pushes and Pulls Presentation to KMM Friends

KKS friends presented their Pushes and Pulls project to KMM friends and answered questions posed to them. They have been  learning the skills to work cooperatively in groups, communicate their ideas effectively to an audience. It’s a tall order; however kindergatners were up to the challenge and did a great job.

Ask your child the name of his/her project, whom did he/she work with and what were the challenges of working in a group. Please come by and have a look at their project in our hallway!



Literacy Learning Engagements

Enjoying Friday Afternoon

Have an awesome weekend!


Ms. Koshika and Mr. Glenn

Week 26 in KKS (February 29th-March 4th)

We collaborate, We are a Team…KKS Rocks!

KKS Community worked collaboratively applying thinking and reading skills to assemble  the garden furniture in the free area!

Reading Mats and Reader’s Workshop

We have introduce Reading Mats in our Reader’s Workshop. Ask your child how do we use those mats?

Reader’s Workshop Videos

Reader Ana

Reader Ansh

Reader Ethan

Reader Lucas

Reader Reanna

Reader Shanghai

Final Touches to Engineered Project

Students have

Pushes and Pulls Videos

Scientist Ansh

Scientist Elena

Explorers Lucas, Elena and Ansh

Scientists Ian and Lyra

Scientist Ana and Maya

Scientists Lucas, Anna, Waylon and Reanna

Designer and Creator Shanghai

Designer and Creator Faustino

Mystery Reader


  • I love reading.
  • I made lots of strawberry jam at home.
  • I printed name stickers for all KKS kids.

Kids made an educated guess that Faye aka Maya’s mom was or mystery reader this week.

She read all time favorite Skippy Jones for KKS kids.


Skippyjon is a Siamese cat with a fantastic imagination. His mother scolds him for being so un-catlike and sends him to his room “to think about what it means to be a Siamese cat.” But of course Skippyjon doesn’t think for long. His imagination takes over and poof! He’s a famous sword-fighting chihuahua off on an adventure in old Mexico. And of course the noise of this adventure eventually brings him back to reality, with his mother and sisters scolding him again, but in such a fond and loving way that we’re left feeling only their affection for the little kitty-boy scamp.

This book plays with the audience, teases and tickles and delights little ears. And “holy guacamole,” it sure is fun to read aloud!

Celebrating “How To’ Books with Grade 1 Buddies

Students have published one or two  “How To” Books. Ask your child about about his/her published book and why did they decide to write about that topic. Kindergartners shared their book with 1EG friends.

Building Number Sense and number Flexibility in Kindergarten

Artists Ana and Maya

Learning is Play

Enjoy the glorious weekend with your family!


Ms. Koshika & Mr. Glenn

Week 25 in KKS (February 22nd-February 25th)

Happy Birthday Lyra


Dinosaur’s Eggs!


Shannon aka Lyra’s dad loves dinosaurs and he has a collection of dinosaur eggs. He shared two fossilized eggs from his precious collection. Children observed the eggs under magnifying glass, felt those and also carried those…they were heavy! Thanks Shannon for giving this rare experience to KKS kids….touching and feeling fossils from millions of years ago!

Mystery Reader


  • The mystery reader is an American whose favorite food is pizza.
  • The mystery reader works for a computer company named after a fruit.
  • The mystery reader loves dinosaurs.

As always, kids could guess who the mystery reader was!

Lyra’s dad Shannon enthralled kids with his engaging story telling skills. He read Ruby and Max stories for KKS audience.

Forces (Push and Pull) and Friction

This week students have many learning engagements to understand the role of friction in forces of motion. Students drove their tricycles on three different surfaces:




They experiences the amount of force required to push and pull the tricycle and concluded why was it harder to ride the trike on one kind of surface than others.

Ask your child which surface was the easiest  and which one was the hardest to ride the bike and why?

Kids have begun using the word “friction” and how its affects the motion of the objects.

Please click on the following two videos to see the kids in action, learning by doing!



Collaborative Math with KMM

KKS and KMM students had another interactive Math session, this time on subtraction. Ask your child what number problem they worked on to show their understanding of subtraction. Also, ask them another name for subtraction (-) and equal to (=).

Passport Check

Have a great weekend!


Ms. Koshika and Mr. Glenn