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Books to Eat 2016

on April 27, 2016

With over 150 Books to Eat entries in 2015, we are gearing up for an exciting month of May with four opportunities to contribute to our festivities. For the first time we are having a day just for  teachers to start off the fun. As you can see below, entries can be as simple or complex, as savory or sweet as you like…they just have to link up to a book.

Dates are:

Teachers-Monday May 9th

Grade Prek,K,1- Monday May 16th

Grade 2,3-TUESDAY May 24th (s0rry it’s not a Monday, I’m in Australia ’til Monday night sorry)

Grade 4,5 – Monday May 30th

Books to Eat Competition Information –See here for more great photos

*Think of a book, and make something edible to go with the book.

*You could bake a cake, and frost/ice it to look like:

-the cover of the book

-a character from the book

-a scene from the book

*You could make a cake shaped like a character/scene in the book

*You don’t have to make cakes, or cupcakes, or even sweet things…some of our entries have been

-ice cubes (for the book Frozen)

-vegetables (for the book Little Pea, for the book Green)

-cereal (for the book The Infinity Ring, for the book Cornflakes)

-popcorn (for the book Popcorn)

-meat (for the book I smell like Ham)

-bread (for the book The Princess and the Pea)

-pasta (for the book The Pasta Factory)

-jello (for the books Alice the Fairy, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish)

-turkish delight (for the book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe)

-liquid (for the book Chemical Chaos)

-milk (for the book Fortunately the Milk)

-pancake (for the book If you give a pig a pancake)

*Please make something on the Sunday at your house, or with a friend.

*Bring it in on the Monday/or Tuesday (2nd and 3rd grade) morning

*We will all look at it, photograph it, reward it and eat it on the Monday (or Tuesday) afternoon.


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