Last Week and a Camp Update

Hi happy families,

Here is a quick recap of last week.  Also, next week is CAMP!  If you have a tent we can borrow next week, send it in with your child on Monday.  More details to follow soon!

~Ms. Parkhurst

Social Studies and Literacy 5/20/16

As students read about their biography subjects, they are beginning to understand the time period during which the person lived. They are looking at the early years, struggles, life work, and contributions he or she made to society. Students will eventually use their notes to create a presentation on the public figure they have chosen to study in a poster, report, keynote, or iMovie.

Students also had a chance to learn more about the greater Shanghai community while hosting 3rd and 4th grade students from XuanQiao School. Not only were they able to show the XuanQiao students their learning firsthand, but they also used language in new ways as they explained, shared activities, and played the role of host.

Math 5/20/16

Students are working with collecting data and representing their findings on a variety of graphs such as pictographs, bar graphs, and line plots.  They are learning how to use the data to solve a variety of word problems as they analyze the data collected.  This is a short unit on data collection and graphing and most students will have the end of unit assessment next week.  The last few weeks of school will be spent on solving word problems and a brief introduction to Geometry.   

Other Business: 3rd Grade Camp SAS

One of the most fun parts about third grade is our annual tradition of Camp SAS at the end of the school year. Camp provides the students a chance to say goodbye to each other for the summer and to remember the fun times in third grade.  The children will turn our classroom into a campsite by setting up tents.  Throughout camp they will tell stories, engage in sing-a-longs, enjoy arts and crafts, and participate in other “camp activities.”
If you have two large tents that can be set up in the classroom please let me know. Please send in tents prior to Monday, May 30th.

Quick Curriculum and School Happenings Update

Hi Happy Families,

What an fun week we have had!  Wednesday was our second soccer day as third graders and we had a blast playing against Nanjing International School, Shanghai Singapore International Sch


Team 1 is ready for Soccer Day!

ool, and Yong Chao International School.  All told, we played 5 games and we were definitely tired at the end of the day!

Enjoy the curricular update and your weekend!

Ms. Parkhurst


Social Studies and Literacy 5/13/16

Now that students have wrapped up the Ecosystems Unit in science, they are focusing on our social studies unit on biographies. As they read about their biography subjects, they are beginning to understand the time period during which the person lived. They are looking at the contributions he or she made to society in order to figure out what made that person so influential. They have also been thinking about what types of experiences and events in a person’s life can help create an interesting biography. Students will eventu


Team 2 is all geared up for Soccer Day!

ally use their notes to create a presentation on the public figure they have chosen to study.

Math 5/6/16

Many of the classrooms in third grade spent math time reviewing and assessing what students learned about fractions.  Our unit culminated in a variety of small, hands-on projects that had students breaking up cakes, pizzas, chocolate bars and even baking to further examine fractions in our every-day life.  Our next Module in math examines data – how to collect it, analyze, and interpret it.  Watch for survey questions coming home, trends your student needs to observe and a LOT of graphs!  

Other Business

On Thursday, May 19, and Friday, May 20, third graders will be hosting visitors from Xuanqiao School. Please remember that all third graders will need to bring a sack lunch on those two days.

A Quick Curricular Update

Hi Happy Families!

I apologize for it being a bit since I’ve updated the blog – I totally forgot last week!  (I had a “Shang-low” week and scooted home to hide under a rock!!)

Here’s a head’s up about the learning and a few happenings we’ve had here in 3KP…

Science and Literacy 4/22/26

This week the students in 3KP were visited by a talented educator from New York to help up become stronger, more dedicated readers of research! We started working on our final ecosystem research project and presentation – be in poster, report, or Keynote format. We used library books, SAS research databases, and our own observations from trips to Zhudi Park to work on their chosen organism. This project incorporates all their field research and observations together with comparisons to other species and their personal connections to them. Students also learned how to write strong introductions to get their readers’ and/or listeners’ attention and powerful conclusions to their research projects. As a culminating activity to this Literacy and Science Integrated Unit, the students will take a final field trip to Chenshan Botanical Gardens next week. 

Math 4/22/16

Fractions have been a lot of fun to learn about these past few weeks!  We have extended student learning past a single whole to now include two or three whole objects and dividing them up into equal parts.  We have transferred this knowledge into using number lines with starting points and ending points (linear progression) and therefore identifying the number of segments the line has been broken into versus the number of marks we used to get those segments (hint, hint: n + 1 if you are starting at 0!).  Next week your child will explore more fractional strategies on the number line that include estimating and equivalent fractions.

In Other News…

We have our Chenshan Botanical Gardens field trip on the 28th of April!  If the weather is overcast and damp we will still go.  However, if it is pouring rain we will not go and instead have a normal teaching day in school and unfortunately we won’t be able to reschedule the trip SO HOPE FOR NO RAIN!!  We plan to leave from school no later than 8:30am on the buses and we will return by 2:00pm.  PLEASE PACK A SNACK AND LUNCH FOR YOUR CHILD!


For reference, here is what our day on the field trip will look like:

8:25 – leave SAS

9:00 – arrive Chenshan Garden

9:15 – 9:45 – visit one biodome

9:45 – 10:00 – snack

10:00 – 10:30 – visit second biodome

10:30 – 11:00 visit third biodome

11:00 – 11:30 – decide which area of the park to explore and walk there (ride may be an option)

11:30 – 12:00 – explore the area

12:00 – 12:30 – lunch, including 15 min free play in the area

12:30 – 1:00 – walk back to the main entrance

1:10 – board bus and return to SAS

Lots of love in learning,
Ms. Parkhurst