2nd grade Planting

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Second graders spent some time outdoors last week using their mathematics skills in real world application. They were tasked with measuring a planter in the Eagles’ Nest and determining how to fit 16 plots of carrots in the planter. As a class they created the design plan, worked together to decide on the most appropriate design, and then planted following their map. Fun was had by all and we can’t wait to watch our carrots grow!

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Spring Photos with Grade 1

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Grade 1 students have been working on Poetry in their own classrooms and brought that knowledge to the EAL classroom where we wrote poems about Spring. This week we also learned about Cherry Blossom trees and how they can be a symbol of the arrival of Spring. Students painted some Cherry Blossoms as an addition to their poetry. Such fun!

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Grade 2 – Social Studies with Pictures

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These past couple of weeks, 2nd grade students have been working together to increase their vocabulary and content knowledge to identify the 7 continents, 5 oceans and main landforms that are on our Earth. Students have been in inquiry groups to discover more about our Earth by reading, watching videos and doing research to write a non fiction books. We have also been playing vocabulary games, making 3D models of several landforms and teaching others about the knowledge we have gained.

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Students have also had the opportunity to work with Ms. Monica in the DREAMS lab. We were able to use the Little Bits and learn about batteries, input, output and how to create a complete circuit. Such fun!

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Grade 1 – singular / plural nouns with pictures

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Grade 1 students are working on identifying nouns as well as the difference between singular and plural nouns. We are having fun distinguishing how to write singular and plural nouns as well as making lists of how to write the two. Students are finding nouns in their reading and writing and have discovered that we add an “s” or “es” to the noun to make it plural.

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Students have also had the opportunity to work with Ms. Monica in the DREAMS lab. We were able to use the Little Bits and learn about batteries, input, output and how to create a complete circuit. Such fun!

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Grade 2 – Text Features

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Grade 2 students are working hard to deepen their knowledge of how to read non fiction. We have learned about the different text features authors use in non fiction books (Table of Contents, headings, maps, captions, glossary, index, etc.) and why they are important. Students have been able to find these text features in different books and identify their purpose as well as create their own text feature examples in their own non fiction writing.

2nd graders have also blogged their Non Fiction text feature examples. Be sure to check out your child’s personal blog! Click here ————> Student Bloggers Link

Take a moment to ask your child: What are some non fiction text features and why are they used?

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Grade 1 – Rhyming Words

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First graders have been working on their knowledge of word families. By using rhyming words, students are able to increase their reading and writing skills. They are working with partners and in small groups to match rhyming words as well as being detectives in their at level reading books to find word family patterns and creating their own rhyming words.

This is something you can try at home with your child as you are reading together. For example: if your child is able to read the word “bat” and they get to the word “splat” they can rhyme the “at” sound at the end and chunk the beginning sounds, then piece it together. (-:

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Hour of Code – Grade 1 and 2

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Today all EAL students in grade 1 and 2 participated in the Hour of Code with our tech facilitator, Amy Hossack. The Hour of Code is sponsored by Code.org which challenges people all over the globe to learn computer science skills and join in together to celebrate computers. All the elementary classrooms (and many Middle and High School classrooms as well) here at SAS are joining in the excitement and learning how to code. Take a look at our journey:

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Grade 2 Opinion Videos

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Grade 2 students went through the entire writing process to persuade readers on their opinion about SAS. They then worked on their speaking skills by using an iPad app called Pupped Pals. We learned about how speakers make sure to have a fluent voice with appropriate speed and volume as well as have emotion and read the punctuation of their writing. Take a look at their videos and see if you hear some great speakers, like I do. 🙂

Louis’ Opinion Video :

Matthew’s Opinion Video :

Allegra’s  Opinion Video :

Richard’s Opinion Video :

Francesco’s Opinion Video :

Ryan’s Opinion Video :


Grade 2 update

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Grade 2 has been working on their economics unit. They are understanding the difference between a fact an opinion well and are getting ready for the 2nd grade market. Be on the lookout for their goods or service. 🙂 In the LLB classroom, students have been working on their opinions, using supporting evidence to defend their opinion and being able to write concluding sentences to wrap up their writing.

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Economics Vocabulary:

  • want vs. need (review from Grade 1)
  • consumer vs. producer
  • good vs. service
  • supply vs. demand
  • business
  • income
  • expenses
  • salary
  • producer
  • location
  • advertise
  • advertisement