Chinese Language Reflections for SLC’s

Please post your answers to the following questions on your blog to prepare for your SLC conferences in April.

Why are you learning Chinese?

What are you learning in Chinese?

Where are you finding success?  Why?

Where are you struggling?  What can you do to overcome these challenges?

Are you using Chinese outside of the classroom?  Are you making connections outside the classroom using Chinese? List how you have used the language outside of class.

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Homebase Blog Reflections!

Portfolio Expectations (via blogs)

  • Tab for each class (and one for HS Toolkit)

  • 2-3 Reflections with evidence for each class including:

    • description of what was learned

    • description of how the learning happened

    • description of why the learning happened (purpose)

    • Deadlines:

      • Friday, February 26th → first reflection

      • Friday, March 16th → second reflection

  • Coordinated, but not completed, during HB time

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Grade 7/8 Foundation High

Your homework for the next two nights is to go over quizlet and to practice how to use prepositions in sentence form.  Remember : Noun zai Noun preposition.  (Example: wo zai xuexiao li. I am in school.) kuzi zai wofang li. ( The pants are in the bedroom.) Know this for a formative quiz when we meet next.


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Foundation High

Some of you may not have the quiz vocabulary in your notebooks, so here are the words for the writing quiz:  很,们, 有,房子,房间,住,在,国,间, 个,

Don’t forget to study the house vocabulary for recognition.  The house vocabulary are all on Quizlet.

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Remember to access the resources from the pages above

Please remember to look at the pages above to see the resources for your class.  Each class has a page of resources.  These resources include vocabulary, Quizlet links, reading books, worksheets, etc.

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Have a wonderful break!

 Please check the individual pages above for assignments.  I will be updating these regularly.


zhōng qiū jié kuài le!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


guó qìng jiékuài le!

 Happy National Day!

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Wednesday – September 23rd

1. Let’s watch the following videos about LEARNING STYLES –

2. Find a partner, decide which learning style to research and design a poster in CANVA  that showcases:

  • What the profile (characteristics) of this type of learner is.
  • Provide at least 4 strategies (or study advice) you may use to learn (depending on the style you selected)
  • Feel free to add pictures, or symbols that represent the strategies learners can use.

Due date: Friday September 25th

Resources: LearningStyles

3. Print out your poster and get ready for a GALLERY WALK!

4. Survey Activity

Thursday– September 24th

Elective Time!

Friday – September 25th

Learning Styles Part 2 – Continue working on your poster and the survey activity.

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Foundation High

Homework for tonight is to finish making flash cards and to practice the weather quizlet.  I want you to recognize the weather vocabulary for next week readings.  Here is the quizlet link for Weather.

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Foundation High Classes

I have gone over your formative assessments.  We will go over them together tomorrow in class.  Please finish making your flash cards for weather and go over the new words.

Our goal in studying the weather is to be able to talk about the weather, to be able to read a weather report and write a note about weather conditions.

We will begin this journey tomorrow…

There is H.O.T. Tuesday and Thursdays to get assistance with improving your Chinese.  Please make sure you sign up before lunch on those days if you wish to receive extra help.  I strongly suggest you come for extra help if you did not do well on the formative test.

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Foundation Classes

I have reviewed your formative tests.  We will go over them together next class.  Please continue to review your radicals and greetings.  We will also go over writing the date in Chinese.

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