Drypoint Grade 7


Hey Students!

I know. Don’t be too sad.  The Independent Unit is almost over.  There will be 2 more opportunities to cut lose and try your other ideas out this year.  It’s time for you to start wrapping your head around your reflections.  Below you’ll find useful resources such as the rubric and the requirements listed:

ID Reflection Rubric ID Reflection Rubric word

Content Requirements:

  • have documentation of EACH day of your ID project with photo or video included
  • clearly state your goal and what you wanted to accomplish
  • clearly state where your inspiration/idea came from and how it developed

Tech Requirements & Display Requirements:

  • Use this  QR code  generator
  •  THIS is the link to the google form


Steps to prepare for the gallery walk:


  1. Finish your process/project reflection.
  2. If you have a keynote, it must be turned into a movie (File – export to quicktime – press next – rename file with your name and “independent project” – click export
  3. If you have a movie, then you must go to share
  4. If your movie is too large, please see the experts in the design studio so they can help you compress it to make it smaller. (You might need the program video monkey)
  5. Now go to your blog and write a paragraph summarizing your project.
  6. Now insert your reflection file(s).   (see video by the technical design team and then ask them if you have difficulties)
  7. Next look up QR generator – the-qrcode-generator.com
  8. Click on the tab that says “URL”
  9. Copy your blog post and paste it into the space
  10. Screen shot (command-shift-4) the QR code or save it from the site.


  1. Now GO TO PAGES OR MS WORD and make a small document that has this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 9.18.17 AM

  1. Put your work on display – make sure it looks AWESOME and your name is on it and your name/QR tag is with it!
  3. Fill out the rubric you made in your planner packet.   Turn in the rubric and the packet – which lets your teacher know you are DONE!

“Inspired By” Artist Statement – Use the program PAGES

Artist Statement

Learning Target: 5.2 Communicate the intent of personal work using details and examples.

You will be writing an artist statement in paragraph form. 


Give your platter a fun title.  Write it in a larger size and center it.

Write your name under the the title in a smaller size, also centered.

Write your artists statement underneath in paragraph form.

Include 2 photos of artwork by your artist and one photo of your platter.

Use the worksheets we did at the beginning of this unit to help you answer the following questions. 


Who is your artist and what art style or time frame do they represent?

Overall, how would you describe your artists work?  (If you looked at 3 painting by your artist, what would you see in common?)

What is the subject matter?  (What are the main things your artist paints)?

Include 2 interesting facts about your artist.

Why did you chose your artist?

Which artwork in particular do you like?  Write the correct title and describe it.

Explain how your form, handles, designs and color scheme are inspired by your artist.

Overall, what did you learn from this project and what will you remember about it in 5 years time?


(Q1-4)Franz Marc is an artist from the German Expressionist period.  His work can be characterized by his use of bold colors and striking contrast.  The subject of his work is most often animals.  They are often featured curling up and hiding amongst sharp bushes and solid looking rocks or leaping wildly in an abstracted almost cubist background.  Franz Marc first started by drawing scientific diagrams of animals for journals before he moved into the fine art of painting.  He even assigned meanings to the colors he painted each of his animals to give his work a deeper sense of importance.

(Q5-6)What drew me to Franz Marc’s work is his bold use of color and of course his subject matter.  I feel like he captures the very soul of the animals he is painting.  In particular, I love his painting, The Yellow Cow.  I love how the cow looks so proud and carefree like the world is a safe place to be.  The painting is warm and inviting and even the cows expression radiates a type of peace.  

(Q7)While creating my platter every decision I made I made it based on Franz Marc’s work.  The form of my platter mirrors the organic shapes you can often find in his backgrounds.  My handles are in the form of animals who look to be crawling or resting in the carved plants and rocks I placed on the rim of my platter.  My glaze choices also reflect his work.  The colors I chose to use on my rim reflect the same colors he used in his backgrounds, greens and blacks while my animals stand out boldly in red and yellow mirroring Marc’s strong sense of contrast.  

(Q8)Overall this project was very challenging but I learned a lot from it.  I learned how to support the clay while it was drying  so that it would hold its form.  I learned how to carefully smooth the surface of my platter with a damp sponge and I learned how to carefully wrap my clay in plastic so that I could continue to work on it without it drying. In 5 years I think I’ll remember how proud I was when it came out of the kiln.   

I hope you enjoy this platter as much as I enjoyed working on it.  


When you are finished, save this document with this title:  Your first & last name/inspiredbyreflection


You will then put your finished refection in my dropbox: