Market Day 411: Parent Panel Wanted!

I’m sure you’ve all been hearing lots about MARKET DAY! It’s a huge event in second grade, and basically the culminating event of the year. It will take place June 3rd from 8:30 and following will be an informal class 2JC party. Here’s some info. The kids took a walk through Zhudi town and collected […]

Mystery Guest #…?

I lost track of how many Mystery Guests we’ve had this year… which is an amazing sign! That means we’ve had a bunch. Actually, today the students took an informal visit to a grade 2 classroom and brought questions with them. A few of the kids asked ‘Do you have mystery guest in third grade?’ […]

Summer Reading

Parents, Please see this list of summer reading ideas from our librarian. It’s super important for kids to keep reading over the summer to prevent regression. Enjoy! 2016 Summer Reading List

Mystery Skype!

Yesterday 2JC participated in MYSTERY SKYPE! This is an interactive activity in which we paired up with a random second grade (Could have been in anywhere in the world!) and asked questions back and forth to guess where the other class is located. Our class ended up being from North Carolina! They were up all […]

Parent/Teacher Survey

Hello 2JC parents, Thank you to those of you who have filled out the teacher survey on Powerschool. I am always seeking feedback about how I can best serve my students! If you have a free moment, it would be great if you could participate in the survey. Thanks very much, Ms. Carey


Dear Parents, I’m sorry for my absence on here. Lots of updates coming soon. Thanks for your continued support of your child as we head into end of the year craziness. Here are some photos from SLC’s. It was amazing to see you and your children enjoying their work. Enjoy!

Please Tell Your Kids…!

Parents, I forgot to tell the kids – please ask them (if they have one) to bring in a book from home featuring a favorite character. If they don’t have one, no worries! We will have time to browse the library tomorrow, but want them to have the opportunity to bring one from home if […]