Updates for the Week of 5 June

Quote of the Week:

New metaphors have the power to create a new reality. This can begin to happen when we start to comprehend our experiences in terms of a metaphor, and it becomes a deeper reality when we begin to act in terms of it. If a new metaphor enters the conceptual system that we base our actions on, it will alter the conceptual system and the perceptions and actions that the system gives rise to. Much of cultural change arises from the introduction of new metaphorical concepts and the loss of old ones.

— George Lakoff and Mark Johnson

Last Week of 2017-18! 

Finals run through June 7th. June 8th will be an 8-block day on which students will complete sign out for the year, and the half-day on June 9th will have a special schedule with time for yearbook signing and hanging out with friends as well as a new tradition: the end-of-year “Student Appreciation Assembly” in the side gym from 10:15am. Buses will roll at 11:30am.

Congratulations to the Newly Elected PDHS StuCo Executive Team:

  • President: Sarah Cho (11)
  • Vice President: Linden Li (10)
  • Secretary: Linda Wang (11)
  • Treasurer: Heather Huang (10)

Library Notices

All Student and Parent books are now past due. Please return any remaining library materials as soon as possible.

General Information and Links: 

Pudong Middle School and High School Joint Schedule 2017-18

Please visit this link to see and download the presentation on our new schedule for 2017-18.

Pudong High School Course Catalog 2017-18

Please visit this link to see and download the Course Catalog for 2017-18.

Official School Calendar for 2017-18

Please visit this link to see and download the calendar for 2017-18.

Our WASC Mid-Cycle Visiting Committee Report and our Mid Cycle Progress Report are both available on PowerSchool. Please login to your PowerSchool account and follow the “WASC Report” link at the top of the page.

College Admissions Updates

Once again, the Class of 2017 is demonstrating that the strengths of an SAS education translate into acceptances at the finest colleges and universities in the world. Our 2016-17 schoolwide college list is online and can be found here:


The list is updated weekly on Fridays.

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