Updates for the Week of 15 May

Quote of the Week:

The future comes one day at a time.

— Dean Acheson

ChinaAlive and TheEleven, Here We Come!

Whew! AP exams have wrapped up for another year. IB Year 2 students have one more week to go. The final exam schedule for non-AP and non-IB Year 2 classes is available here.

Another wonderfully successful exertion was the 4th Annual Iron Eagle Triathalon! Congratulations to the over 200 finishers who came out for this fun and spirited event and gigantic thanks to all our PE faculty and many parent volunteers who worked hard to make this event so successful.

Congratulations also to the cast and crew of the delightful Middle School musical production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown! The high school looks forward to having these talented performers join us in the years ahead.

And now, 9th-11th graders are in the throes of last minute preparation for their trips, and seniors who still have “normal” SAS finals yet to take will have one last week of exams to wrap up their academic careers with us. ChinaAlive trip participants should have received all the necessary information about departure times and places; 11th grade families, please note that we will depart from school on Monday morning the 15th, so students should take their normal buses to school on Monday.

Our WASC Mid-Cycle Visiting Committee Report and our Mid Cycle Progress Report are both available on PowerSchool. Please login to your PowerSchool account and follow the “WASC Report” link at the top of the page.

Once again, the Class of 2017 is demonstrating that the strengths of an SAS education translate into acceptances at the finest colleges and universities in the world. Our 2016-17 schoolwide college list is online and can be found here:


The list is updated weekly on Fridays.

Board of Trustees Elections

The voting period for Board of Trustees candidates continues until May 17. Voting is done electronically. You will receive an email from VoteNow with your individual password and a link to the VoteNow website. (Please note that each parent will receive a separate password.)

Results of the election will be announced at the Annual General Meeting on May 18 @ 6:00 p.m., 30F, Deloitte Touche Office, Bund Center, 222 Yan An East Road, Shanghai.


Wednesday, May 24: Live Candidate Speeches in front of Grades 9~11, Ballot Voting commences at 1:00PM

Thursday, May 25: Announcement of Election Winners

Please Read for End of Year Information

Please take a moment to download and read this important document. It contains information about the end of the school year including review days, exams, and student obligations from now until the last day of school. This information is extensive and somewhat complex. It is important to read it carefully and to keep it in mind as you plan for these next 7 weeks. Some key points are also covered below. Please read carefully.

FINAL EXAMS/LEAVING EARLY: Please note that the school year ends on June 9. It is very important for students to be able to say good-bye to departing friends – or leave themselves – in a positive way. We build in opportunities for kids to do that – to spend time together, to sign yearbooks, to see each of their teachers, to return all school property, etc. This can only happen if students are here. Therefore:

  • Please do not plan for your children to be absent during the week of Final Exams, May 31-June 7. Students should be prepared to attend school on any and all of those days; do not make travel arrangements that interfere with these important final exams. Students will not be granted early or late exams except in cases of extreme emergency or illness which is documented by a physician. Students must take final exams on the assigned days. We had planned to publish the exam schedule last week, but are still working out some final details and will publish it on Tuesday, May 2nd.
  • June 8 is an 8-block day when students complete their signouts and see each of their teachers, clean out lockers, etc. It is very important for all students to be in school on that day. All official school records will be held until a student signs out completely for the academic year.
  • June 9 is the last day. While we do not have regular classes on that day, we do have time for students to get together, say final good-byes, and enjoy a final end of year assembly together.

Library Notices

The end of the School Year is in view. That means that there are some important library closing dates approaching.

  • Seniors
    All Books and library materials should have been returned by now. Please return any remaining materials soonest.
  • Other Students/Parents
    Last day for checkouts – May 26th.
    All Student and Parent books in by May 31st.

General Information and Links: 

Pudong Middle School and High School Joint Schedule 2017-18

Please visit this link to see and download the presentation on our new schedule for 2017-18.

Pudong High School Course Catalog 2017-18

Please visit this link to see and download the Course Catalog for 2017-18.

Official School Calendar for 2017-18

Please visit this link to see and download the calendar for 2017-18.

Especially for Seniors and Parents of Seniors

Graduation is almost here! Please take a look at the Class of 2017 Graduation Handbook which has important information, dates, timelines, and forms, all of which you will need to be ready for the big day: Sunday 28 May, 2017.

To answer a perennial question: “Does the school sponsor any Graduation Parties, trips, or other events such as group trips after Graduation?” The answer is “No.” While we welcome visits by our graduates back to school, any individual or group activities by groups of current Grade 12 students are individual or family-sponsored.

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