Semester 2 Final Exam Schedule

Please click here for the Semester 2 Final Exam Schedule.

Final exams begin on Wednesday 31 May . Please check the exam schedule carefully to make sure you know where to go when for which exam. If you have no exam scheduled at a particular time, you need not come to school at that time. You are, however, welcome to come to study, work on projects, and/or consult with teachers.

All students should be available to come to school during the “conflict days” at the end of the exam period: 6-7 June.Please remember these are set school days, they are not early holiday days. It is not possible to schedule exams so that there are no conflicts; some students will not be able to take an exam at the scheduled time because of illness or other reasons. Students’ only opportunity to sit these “conflict” and make-up exams will occur during those two days.

IB Diploma students, please note: you are expected to report to school through the end of the exam period. These days are set aside for the extended essay workshop.

Non-IB Diploma students who have all their work submitted to their teachers and have no exam conflicts or catch ups on those days, however, do not need to be at school.

June 8 is an 8-block day when students complete their signouts and see each of their teachers, clean out lockers, etc. It is very important for all students to be in school on that day. All official school records will be held until a student signs out completely for the academic year.

June 9 is the last day. While we do not have regular classes on that day, we do have time for students to get together, say final good-byes, and enjoy a final end of year assembly together.

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