Updates for the Week of 6 March

Quote of the Week:

The only requirements for reaching the final goal are two: to start and to continue.

— Bhikkhu Bodhi

Wonderful Highlights (Again) Last Week…

Our community enjoyed a fantastic, whole school Dance Concert Thursday evening, the beautiful AP Photo Show all week,  and exciting sports results with varsity softball defeating Puxi in both games of Saturday’s doubleheader, our swimmers winning the HighPoint Average Trophy and taking 2nd place overall at the IS Bangkok Invitational, and girls soccer beating Puxi over the weekend. On Monday, we’ll hear about the AMIS Honor Choir Festival in Abu Dhabi from our returning choirsters and about BEIMUN from our strong MUN team that was in Beijing last week.

Our Gala for the Arts is coming! Break out your formal attire and get ready to celebrate our school’s rich and varied arts program on Saturday 11 March. We’re also excited to welcome visiting artist Brian Reed to campus this week. Brian will be visiting classes and working with our kids as well as attending the Gala, so say “Hi!” when you see him.

Please make plans to see our High School Musical production Once on this Island on Thursday and Friday, March 15 and 16. Reserve your seats for this Black Box performance today.

IB and AP Exams on May 1st

May 1 is a holiday for all students except for those who are taking IB and AP exams scheduled for May 1.

Students must check their exam schedules and advise parents if they are taking exams on this holiday. Exams are fixed and cannot be rescheduled. IB students can pick their exam schedule up from the HS office.

On May 1:

  • There will be no food on campus
  • Limited buses will run

More details to come.

Preventing Substance Abuse: Raising Awareness and Engaging in Small Conversations — LLH at 4:30pm on Tuesday 14 March

This past January, all SAS Pudong High School students participated in a perception survey regarding drug and alcohol use by FCD Prevention Works, a global non-profit substance abuse prevention organization. We will share the results of the survey with parents and students after the analysis of the data is complete in April or May.

Wondering about how to approach the topic of drugs and alcohol with your kids? You are not alone.

Middle and High School Parents: Please join FCD Prevention Specialist John Tummon in the LLH at 4:30pm on Tuesday 14 March to discuss current trends in adolescent substance use, implications for our community, and ways we can all partner to ensure our kids have the knowledge and skills to make good decisions.
Prevention doesn’t happen with a single conversation; it takes 100 small conversations to build a foundation of trust and shared values. SAS supports FCD’s vision of whole community awareness and dialogue as being crucial in our efforts to keep students healthy and safe while they are with us in Shanghai and after they go off to college. Please attend this session and to learn how you and our greater SAS community can build off the school’s efforts so all of our kids receive clear, consistent guidance.

Pudong Middle School and High School Joint Schedule 2017-18

Please visit this link to see and download the presentation on our new schedule for 2017-18.

Pudong High School Course Catalog 2017-18

Please visit this link to see and download the Course Catalog for 2017-18.

Official School Calendar for 2017-18

Please visit this link to see and download the calendar for 2017-18.

Seniors and Parents of Seniors

The days are getting longer, temperatures are beginning to moderate, college acceptance letters are rolling in. We are moving closer and closer to graduation! Please take a look at the Class of 2017 Graduation Handbook which has important information, dates, timelines, and forms, all of which you will need to be ready for the big day: Sunday 28 May, 2017.

Children’s Service Club Yard Sale — This Week!

The Children’s Service Club’s (formerly the Orphanage Club) annual “Yard Sale” will be held from March 8-10 for our guards, Chartwell staff, ayis, et al..

The goals of the Yard Sale are threefold—the local staff get a chance to purchase items at a low price, the money raised will be used to purchase items for Grace Orphanage, AND you get to clear out those over stuffed closets and cabinets in your home. Previously the club bought specialized chairs with backboards for the Cere Care Orphanage, who serves mentally and physically challenged orphans, as well as helped sponsor a visit to an orphanage during a China Alive trip.

Admissions Notes

Parents: Do you have non-SAS friends looking to learn more about our awesome Middle School and High School? Then tell them about our next Coffee and Tour on Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 9:00-12:00pm! An optional lunch presentation entitled “College Counseling at SAS” from 12noon –1:00pm will be offered for Coffee and Tour registrants. Spread the word on this special event and send your friends to the link here to RSVP!

Summer Opportunities!

Did you know you can research summer programs through our Naviance system? There are 2,895 programs listed and you can search by category, key word or state/country. If you are looking for a summer activity, start here. If you want more information, please visit Naviance, Click on the “Colleges” tab, in the “College Research” block in the middle of the page you will see “Enrichment Programs” on the bottom right. Please see a counselor with any questions.

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