Updates for the Week of 20 February

Quote of the Week:

Happiness is the wish to be who you are.

— Erasmus

Wonderful, Well-Attended Events Last Week, More Coming This Week

Thanks to all parents, students, and faculty who turned out for the IB Arts performances, Pudong Rocks, and 30-Hour Famine, and the Shanghai Swim Championships last week. All these events were great, showcases of the talent, energy, and dedication of our community. Gear up for this week’s APAC Theatre Festival starting Thursday while APAC Band will get underway at TCIS, Tri-Cities Softball at Brent.

Looking toward the future, our two finalists — Mark Moody and Michael Oligmueller — for the position of Director of College Counseling will be on campus on Wednesday 22nd with parent meetings to get to know them at 8am and 9am respectively. Please check PowerSchool to look at the candidates’ résumés.

Pudong High School Course Catalog 2017-18

Please visit this link to see and download the Course Catalog for 2017-18.

Official School Calendar for 2017-18

Please visit this link to see and download the calendar for 2017-18.

Seniors and Parents of Seniors

The days are getting longer, temperatures are beginning to moderate, college acceptance letters are rolling in. We are moving closer and closer to graduation! Please take a look at the Class of 2017 Graduation Handbook which has important information, dates, timelines, and forms, all of which you will need to be ready for the big day: Sunday 28 May, 2017.

Children’s Service Club Yard Sale — 8-10 March

The Children’s Service Club’s (formerly the Orphanage Club) annual “Yard Sale” will be held from March 8-10 for our guards, Chartwell staff, ayis, etc. Everyone has been very generous with their donations in the past, so I am doing my annual “Fundraising Ask”. We are looking for gently used items of any sort—toys, games, clothing, household items, etc. (No socks, swimsuits or other assorted underclothing items please.)

The Yard Sale will be threefold—the local staff get a chance to purchase items at a low price, the money raised will be used to purchase items for Grace Orphanage, AND you get to clear out those over stuffed closets and cabinets in your home. Previously the club bought specialized chairs with backboards for the Cere Care Orphanage, who serves mentally and physically challenged orphans, as well as helped sponsor a visit to an orphanage during a China Alive trip.

We will be accepting donations until March 6th. The donations can be placed in the hall in front of the high school counseling office or the elementary school library.

Summer Opportunities!

Did you know you can research summer programs through our Naviance system? There are 2,895 programs listed and you can search by category, key word or state/country. If you are looking for a summer activity, start here. If you want more information, please visit Naviance, Click on the “Colleges” tab, in the “College Research” block in the middle of the page you will see “Enrichment Programs” on the bottom right. Please see a counselor with any questions.

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