Info for College Reps

Visiting Shanghai American School – Pudong

The SASPD Contact for College Visits is one of our high school counselors, Michelle Barini (click on her name to email her) or copy and paste her email:

The best time of the day to visit SAS-Pudong is during the lunch period from 12:45-1:30pm (be sure to read the “When You Arrive” section). If you would like to visit Shanghai American School – Pudong Campus, please take the following into consideration:

  • We do not mind if there are multiple college visits during the lunch period on the same day. Please feel free to request a date even if you see someone scheduled on the date you had in mind. For example, if ABC University wants to visit on October 4th, checks the calendar and sees that XYZ University is scheduled on that day, ABC University can still request to visit on that day. We have plenty of space for multiple schools that might not be traveling together.
  • Travel time from hotels in downtown Puxi is about 55 minutes on a good day.
  • Travel time from hotels in Pudong is about 45 minutes on a good day.
  • We normally host college visits in a College Fair style; a table in front of the cafeteria during lunch time.
  • We have very limited space for college brochures or literature, please keep the environment in mind when packing…go green.

Scheduling a day to visit SASPD: If you would like to schedule a visit to SASPD, please look at the calendar below to make sure that school is in session. Then, please fill out the form below.

Once you fill out the form, an automatic email will be sent to the Counseling Assistant, Mrs. Inkyung Lee. She will add the visit to the Google calendar and a “Google Invite” will be sent to you confirming the date & time.

Then, please read the submission confirmation page for information that you will need for your visit to SASPD (also below in RED).

If you need to change the date: If you scheduled a date via the form but would like to change the date, please feel free to email the counseling assistant, Mrs. Inkyung Lee (click on her name to email her).

Current College Visit Calendar

College Visit Request Form

Some information you will need for your visit


Click on the map (here) to download a bilingual map and directions, in English and Chinese, to our Pudong campus.  We are located about 20 minutes from the Pudong International Airport. A phone number is also included.

The direct number to the Counseling Assistant’s office is:  +86-21-6221-1445 (extension 3356). The High School Main Office extension is 3351. Please contact us if you are running late or need help with directions.

Before You Arrive at SASPD

For security purposes, please email Mrs. Lee (click on her name to email her) the names of all of the representatives that are visiting to help speed up the process at the front gate.

Or, Mrs. Lee’s email address is

The guards will ask for your government issued ID and ask who you will be meeting with. Please tell them Mrs. Lee or Mrs. Barini in the Counseling Office.

Taxi or Private Driver?

We strongly recommend hiring a driver and car for the day, especially if you have more than one school visit on a single day. You can arrange one through your hotel or contact us for a local driver and van.  Email Mrs. Lee (click on her name to email her).

Helpful iPhone app to download before your arrival in Shanghai:

Shanghai Taxi (click here):  type in your destination and then click on *taxi card* to display the address in Chinese for your driver.

Other School Visits in the Area

Shanghai is home to a growing number of international schools.  For a listing of these schools, please visit this link here.

Below are the names and websites of other schools in the Pudong area.  A possible itinerary, depending on the location of your hotel:

Morning or afternoon:  SAS Pudong

Morning or afternoon:  Concordia, Dulwich, and Pinghe are located within walking distance of each other.


Morning or afternoon:  SCIS or SMIC

Click on the link below to download a list of our favorite things to see and do in Shanghai:

Shanghai TimeOut