Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

Welcome from the Shanghai American School-Pudong Counseling Department!

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The Counseling Department would like to welcome back all returning students and families, and extend a warm welcome to all of our new students and families. This year we have 71 new students who will be joining SAS-Pudong for the 2016-2017 school year. This is the third year for our Link Crew program, which focuses on helping 9th graders transition to high school. Link Crew leaders will be working with all freshmen and other newcomers throughout the school year to help ease the transition to SAS. We welcome two new counselors to the counseling office: Keri Phipps and John McCracking who will be working with our juniors and seniors on the college application process. Take a look at the “About Us” page for more information.

Graduated Students:

All final transcripts have been delivered to the colleges each student decided to attend. If your college, by chance, did not receive your final transcript, please notify the Counseling Office ASAP.

Take a look at the final college matriculation list for the Class of 2016 HERE.

AP Scores:

All AP test scores from last May are now available.  These scores can be found in your Collegeboard account. If you cannot access these scores, or need to send your scores to your university, please contact the Collegeboard.

76% of our students scored a 4 or better on their AP exams last May.

IB Scores:

All IB students should have received their results over the summer.

The average IB Diploma score for the class of 2016 was 36, which is well above the world average. In addition, we had 5 students who scored over 40. This year we have 46 juniors enrolled in the IB Diploma program, the most ever at SAS Pudong.

Upcoming Events:

Freshman Parent Night:

On August 17th, SAS high school counselors will host all freshman (9th grade) parents in the LLH at 6:30pm. Topics will include:

  • Supporting a successful transition to high school
  • Role of Counselor/Parent/Student
  • A Grade 9 Overview
  • Four Year Plan
  • How to prepare for college, starting now

Senior Retreat Part 2:

On August 20th, SAS high school counselors from Puxi and Pudong will be hosting a multitude of workshops for our seniors from both campuses. This event will take place on the Puxi campus.

Please also view the “What do you say to a University rep?”PDF at the bottom of the “College Visit” page.

We are looking forward to a great year!


Your SASPD Counseling Team – Jeannie Merrill, Michelle Barini, Scott Lassey, John McCracking, and Keri Phipps.

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A New Ranking of College Superstars

Here is a great article that just came out this week. I like the premise of the article and how “the Brookings college rankings system measures how well alumni perform in three economic measures: mid-career earnings, student loan repayment and what the think tank calls occupational earnings power.”

I also like the first sentence after the first college list (my emphasis), “These schools — even the ones you’ve never heard of — emerged as superstars in a promising new college ranking system that the Brookings Institution rolled out this week.”

I think it can be boiled down to value and return on investment.


Counseling Department Update

Dear Parents:

The Counselors at Shanghai American School are committed to providing the greatest degree of care and academic support to each and every student. In order to improve the current level of care from our department High School Counselors will be adjusting the distribution of services in the following way. Whereas now there are two grade 9 /10 counselors and four grade 11/12  counselors, next year there will be one counselor for grade 9 and four for grades 10-12. The advantage to our freshmen is that they will have a full -time counselor dedicated to their specific needs of transitioning into high school. The advantage for a grade 10-12 student is that one counselor will support him/her over three years instead of two, thus building stronger relationships over a longer period of time. As well, the counselor will be  more involved in the many important decisions that arise in the final years of high school. Continue reading

Internship Program

Get SASPD HS credit for interning

The SASPD Internship Program is available to all students that will be entering the 11th and 12th grade (aka…rising 11th and 12th graders) and it provides them the opportunity to experience life in the “real” world in an industry they are interested in.

Students can work in any industry, anywhere in the world, at a for-profit company or at a not-for-profit company and they can get SAS credit which will show up on their SAS transcript.

All Internship program documents can be found on this blog, on the left hand sidebar.

If your child is interested in the internship program and has questions about it, please have them see Mrs. Merrill.


The SASPD HS Counseling Team