Super Environmentalists

Our two Kindergarten classes just completed a project where they identified environmental concerns here at SAS. We took a walk around school and students noticed all kinds of issues.

Our Super Environmentalists chose which problem they wanted to work on, and with their partners or small group, they decided how they could help.

Evan and Maria’s group made posters they placed in the bathrooms to remind people to turn off the faucets.

IMG_6315 IMG_6316

Lily’s group wrote and delivered a letter to Mr. Zhou, our head of maintenance to ask for his help in  making sure lights aren’t left on when not needed. Bella, Jacob and Konrad wrote a script and made an announcement to the entire elementary school from the office to remind everyone to turn off the lights when they leave a room.



Justine’s group was concerned about food being wasted and decided to make a short video to remind everyone to take only what they could eat, while Lucy and Yu Shin designed a poster on the same topic and placed it in the cafeteria.

IMG_6330 IMG_6322

Our Kindergarteners were very engaged and focused throughout this real-life learning. We are very proud of our Super Environmentalists!

Ms. Len was our final Scientist of the Week. She did a fun experiment called Air Push to demonstrate air pressure. She used a cup, a piece of paper or plate and water. Ask your child to show you what we did.

We had a pizza picnic for lunch today! Thank you to the PTSA for providing the pizzas.


Happy Birthday to William, Maria and Evan who all have summer birthdays.



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Stepping Up Day

Today the Kindergarten students visited the 1st grade classrooms. They got to hear about some of the topics and activities they’ll do next year and also asked some questions. The kids are most excited about being able to play on the ‘big’ elementary playground and are also lining up at the serving stations to choose their food in the cafeteria.

IMG_6278 IMG_6284

Today we met with our 4th Grade Buddies for the last time. We had fun playing together on the playground.


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Scientist of the Week – Mrs. Voge

Finally, it was my turn to be our scientist of the week! Ms. Len helped me demonstrate the Air Rocket experiment to find out what happens to air under pressure. We tied a piece of string between two chairs with a straw through the string. We taped the balloon to the straw and watched what happened when we let the balloon go.

We noticed that the balloon was forced along the string when the air rushed out of the balloon.

We wondered if we could make a balloon go uphill. Click here for a short video clip.

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Summer Sizzler

The weather and AQI were great and we had an amazing morning of fun and activity at our Summer Sizzler today.  The kindergarteners were paired up with 5th grade students and got to choose the activities they wanted to do.  Anything that involved getting wet was very popular! Ask your child which was his/her favorite activity.

After lunch we enjoyed an afternoon to share our portfolio collections and to celebrate our learning.  Thank you to all of the parents who joined us today.

Thank you to Yu Shin’s Mom for organizing the ‘Kindergarten Class 2015-16’ T-shirts.  Don’t they look great?



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Our Last Visit to Sylvia

We visited our tree, Sylvia for the last time today.  We noticed she was full of green leaves.  We have enjoyed observing and recording the changes in our tree throughout the year.  I am impressed by how the children’s drawings of the tree have become more and more representational as the year has gone by. Goodbye, Sylvia! We’ll see you again in August!


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Reading Celebration

This morning we celebrated the end of our ‘Readers are Brave’ unit.  We’ve been working on not giving up when we get to tricky words but instead using all of our strategies. Ask your child to show you how to use ‘Lips the Fish’, ‘Eagle Eyes’, ‘Stretchy Snake’ or’Chunky Monkey’ when they get stuck on a word.

Today we celebrated our progress as readers by choosing just right books to read aloud to the PreK students in Mrs. Borden’s class.  The little ones enjoyed the stories and the Kindergarteners loved being the big kids who can read already!

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Scientist of the Week – Adrienne

Adrienne was our scientist of the week. She demonstrated to us a ‘Which Holds More’ experiment. Adrienne and her Dad had prepared some different shaped containers for us to work with – tall and thin or short and wide.

Adrienne asked the students which container they think holds more water. Most of the students predicted that the tall container would hold more. Ask your child to tell you what we found out.

Adrienne did a great job as our final Scientist of of the Week student.


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A Visit to the Bio-Farm

The sun was shining for us and we had a wonderful day at the Bio-Farm. Your child is bringing home some beets that we picked as well as some seed balls (Cosmos flowers) for you to plant at home. Thank you to the many parents who came with us; we’re glad you could join us.


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Celebrating São João

As part of our Social Studies curriculum on Holidays Around the World, Ms. Costiera, who is one of our Middle School teachers, came to talk to us about the Brazilian Holiday São João”. This celebration always happens in the month of June in Brazil. Ms. Costiera taught us how to dance the “quadrilha” and we made “bandeirinhas” for decorations and Maria Laura modeled the colorful skirt she wears on this holiday.

A special thank you to Maria’s mom for sending in the traditional and delicious food eaten for São João –  “pão de queijo,”( cheese bread) “bolo de milho” (corn cake with coconut milk) and “bolo de cenoura com chocolate” (carrot cake with chocolate). Ask your child to tell you his/her favorite part of our celebration.

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Read Outside the Box

Here’s a great article from Reading Rainbow with tips for making sure your kids enjoy reading this summer. It includes links to summer reading lists as well. Click on the picture below to read the article

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.44.24 AM


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