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Puxi Elementary Learning Support Philosophy

EAL Program Philosophy

Shanghai American School (SAS) is committed to offering a program for EAL (English as an Additional Language) students, which provides the specific skill-building necessary to achieve academic success in the mainstream classroom, and to help them participate fully in the life of the school. Fundamental components of the EAL program include respect for, and understanding of, cultural differences, recognition of the unique linguistic needs of each student, and sensitivity to the adjustment process.

Students who speak English as a second or additional language have the same range of needs as every other student in the school, as well as an additional need – to learn English. These students and their families are usually accustomed to being highly successful in academic environments. Attending SAS, where they may be restricted in their ability to achieve that success immediately because of their limited English proficiency can be a frustrating experience. It is part of our mission as SAS teachers to ensure that they are able to develop their potential academically and socially. This is an important task and can only happen when all members of the community work together to help address EAL student needs.


Academic Support Program Philosophy

SAS believes that there should be a continuum of services for children with special learning needs. We believe that through collaboration and cooperation among students, parents, school personnel, students will have the opportunity to experience success and be a positive contributor in the community. We believe in early intervention as the most productive approach to providing effective and efficient services. We believe in effective research-based interventions and services, on a flexible, sensitive approach to adapting the learning environment, and the way in which performance expectations are met by each child.