Parent Handbook

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Early Childhood Program and Elementary School at Shanghai American School. On behalf of our faculty we would like to say we are very pleased to have you join us.
Click here to view the Parent Handbook

Click here to view the Parent Handbook

At SAS we take the responsibility of providing a safe and nurturing learning environment very seriously. Our teachers work together to create a welcoming environment that is developmentally appropriate, fosters independence, and encourages a passion for learning through authentic exploration and hands-on experiences. Early childhood and elementary school students rapidly develop
foundational capabilities on which subsequent development builds so in addition to their remarkable linguistic and cognitive gains, they will exhibit dramatic progress in their emotional, social, and moral capacities. All of these critical dimensions of early development are intertwined, and each requires focused attention by our staff.

As a parent at SAS you play a key role in your child’s educational development. You will have many opportunities to support, celebrate, and partner in the learning process. Just wait until you see your child up on the stage performing with their class or grade level to a musical performance, or listening to your child through the early stages of their literacy development. These are all events that will not only make you proud but continue to nurture those various stages of their childhood development.
Get ready to be an active part of one of the best international schools in the world! We welcome you to join our community of learners here at Shanghai American School. If we can be of any assistance during your transition to SAS, please feel free to call Michael Allen, Puxi campus, or Shawn Colleary, Pudong campus.
Michael Allen and Shawn Colleary
Elementary School Principals