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DSC_0049Welcome to the Shanghai American School, an International Community.

SAS offers a complete English language elementary school program, providing a developmentally appropriate, American core curriculum. From pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, the typical daily schedule includes language arts, science, math and social studies. At all levels, children spend most of their time with their main classroom teacher. All children also benefit from specialists, whom they see for Chinese language, physical education, library, computers, music and art, as well as guidance and counseling.

Differentiated instruction caters to individual student needs, while English as an Additional Languge and Academic Support programs provide the support students need to excel to the best of their ability. Students are graded on a developmental scale that reflects the individual’s progress on a learning continuum.

elaineThroughout the year, students take field trips that offer interesting learning experiences within the local community. In addition, elementary students may participate in a variety of after-school programs, including sports, games, crafts and off-campus activities. Upper Elementary students also participate in China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA) One Day Events. Enrichment offerings include annual visits from well-known children’s authors and school-wide holiday celebrations.

This site is managed by Mr. Shawn Colleary and Mrs. Sanna Robinson.  As the principal and vice principal of the Shanghai American School’s Pudong Elementary School, we utilize this blog to communicate with our parents and community.   If you have questions about our postings or Shanghai American School, please email shawn.colleary@saschina.org or sanna.robinson@saschina.org

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