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Welcome to our Elementary After School Activities (ASA) blog. This page is intended to help you find any information you may need to know for ES ASA’s. After School Activities are a wonderful way for students to continue enriching their education after the school day. ASA are also a great way for students to explore new found talents. We have a great team of teachers and staff that work together with your children allowing them to explore in a fun and caring environment.

The Elementary School After School Activities 2016/2017 Schedule

Session 1 ’16/17
19th Sep – 10th Nov
1 Mon Tue Thu
Week One Sep 19 Sep 20 Sep 21
Week Two Sep 26 Sep 27 Sep 29
Week Three Oct 10 Oct 11 Oct 13
Week Four Oct 17 Oct 18 Oct 20
Week Six Oct 31 Nov 1 Parent Conference
Week Seven Nov 10
Session 2 ’16/17
9th Jan – 27th Feb
2 Mon Tue Thu
Week One Jan 9 Jan 10 Jan 12
Week Two Jan 16 Jan 17 Jan 19
Week Three Jan 23 Jan 24 Jan 26
Week Four PD Day Feb 7 Feb 9
Week Six Feb 20 Feb 21 Feb 23
Week Seven Feb 27
Session 3 ’16/17
10th Apr – 25th May
3 Mon Tue Thu
Week One Apr 10 Apr 11 Apr 13
Week Two Apr 17 Apr 18 Parent Conference
Week Three Apr 24 Apr 25 Apr 27
Week Four Holiday May 2 May 4
Week Six May 15 May 16 May 18
Week Seven May 22 May 25

ES ASA activities begin at the end of the school day and run from 3:00- 4:30pm.

Should you have any After School Activity related questions or concerns, please contact Activities Office Eva Chen(eva.chen@saschina.org). We look forward to a great semester of after school activities for all our students.

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