Student Led Conferences

Good afternoon, 
5EP will be having our student-led conferences on Wednesday, April 6th; Thursday, April 7th; and Friday, April 8th. There are 10 blocks available, and each block can have up to four students scheduled. Conferences are student led – a celebration of their year so far. 
I will meet with each student (and his/her parents) for a small portion of their conference.

As the demand for times after school and evenings was high in the fall, I have included a time slot for Wednesday afternoon. The following times will be available. I If you would like to schedule for one of the blocks listed here but not listed on powerschool, please email me directly.  Priority will go to families with 3 or more children at SAS. Feel free to sign up any time. I will make accommodations when possible to meet your schedule. If there is not a time that is convenient for you please ask, I will do my best.

Wednesday 6th April

3:00-3:45 –  4 spaces available

Thursday 7th April

4:45-5:30  –  4 spaces available

Friday 8th April

9:00 – 9:45 – 3 spaces available

9:45 – 10:30 – 2 spaces available

10:30 – 11:15  – 2 spaces available

Currently these students are signed up for these times through POWER SCHOOL

Thursday 04/07/2016 15:15 16:00 9(A-G) Feng, Audrey Luis
Thursday 04/07/2016 15:15 16:00 9(A-G) Sun, Lifan
Thursday 04/07/2016 15:15 16:00 9(A-G) He, Luke Zhenyang
Thursday 04/07/2016 15:15 16:00 9(A-G) Fan, Sarah Ying
Thursday 04/07/2016 16:00 16:45 9(A-G) Lindblad, Bridgette
Thursday 04/07/2016 16:00 16:45 9(A-G) Kuswaha, Akul Singh
Thursday 04/07/2016 16:00 16:45 9(A-G) Zhang, Ryan Eric
Thursday 04/07/2016 16:00 16:45 9(A-G) Gam, Kyungnan
Friday 04/08/2016 09:00 09:45 9(A-G) See, Oi Yu
Friday 04/08/2016 09:45 10:30 9(A-G) Chen, Sheng Hong Jonathan
Friday 04/08/2016 09:45 10:30 9(A-G) Ko, Changhyeon
Friday 04/08/2016 10:30 11:15 9(A-G) Kwon, Min Seo
Friday 04/08/2016 10:30 11:15 9(A-G) Zhang, Jasmine Ruoxi


Spirit Week Oct. 19-23

Next week the elementary willSpirit Week Oct. 19-23 IMAGE Next week the elementary will be joining middle and high school staff and students in celebrating Spirit Week. Below is a graphic of the planned activities for each day next week. We can’t wait to celebrate. Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.14.01 AM be joining middle and high school staff and students in celebrating Spirit Week. Below is a graphic of the planned activities for each day next week. We can’t wait to celebrate. Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.14.01 AM

spirit week

Week Beginning October 12th

Positive Parenting Workshop
The Elementary School will be hosting our annual Positive Parenting Workshop. I am currently reading and learning about the Positive Parenting Strategies myself, and as both a teacher and a parent I am really impressed with this program and am eager to put these strategies in place in class and at home.

You can check out the book in our ES library (in English & Chinese)!

Learn all about methods that allow learning to happen using positive, solution-focused strategies.
When: Thursdays from 8:10 – 10:30 a.m.
Mark your calendars for these dates:
• October 22
• October 29
• November 5
• November 12
• November 19
• November 26
Please email: to reserve your seat now.
Passport Check will be Thursday, Oct 15.

The SAS International Fair will be on Saturday, October 17—this is the PTSA’s biggest fundraiser of the year! Please join our community for a fun-filled day of food, shopping, and games! An order form for tickets was sent out last week, and tickets will be on sale next week outside the ES office. Wear your international fair t-shirt or bag to show your spirit! You’ll get discounts, special offers and freebies on the day of the fair. T-shirts and bags are priced at 60 RMB.
Giving Tree Project

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 10.35.34 AM[1]

What a journey it’s been…so far!!

It is a bit hard to believe that school has already been in session for almost 4 weeks.  On the one hand it seems like I’ve had these kids for a lot longer because I have such a fun time being their teacher. Yet on the other hand I still have so many more things I want to know about them.  Your parent surveys were helpful in giving me some insight into the inner workings of their hearts and minds. It’s been great to get some insight into their writing and reading skills and interests this past week as they have begun their first reading and writing units of study.

A big part of last week was discussing what our classroom rules should be this year. I began this process by having students write about their hopes and dreams for the year. I then asked them what rules they felt we needed in class in order for it to be a place that everyone could achieve those hopes and dreams.  They met in small groups and conferred with the whole class.  In the end they did a lot of editing and wordsmithing in order to develop a list of 4 agreements that we would all live and learn by while in class as well as elsewhere in the school.

This year the 5EP kids will have a 2nd grade buddies with 2JC.  Our kids got a chance to meet their buddies and have already completed their first cooperative project integrating 21st century competencies. Be sure to ask your child about their “Not-a-box” project.

Photos can be found by clicking the photo tab above!!

Just another week at the office!!

It is hard to believe that we still haven’t completed our first full week of school. Last week certainly offered its share of unusual circumstances but the kids in 5EP made the best of it. All of the kids have been settling in, getting to know each other, and making some beautiful artwork to decorate our room. We have spent a bit of time getting familiar with the art materials available so when it comes time to show what they know the kids will have plenty of medium choices.

As a class, I think we have made quite a bit of progress in a week. I feel that the students are starting to get to know each other and used to working together. I have tried to set a democratic tone so the kids know that they have a voice in the way that the classroom is run. We have spent much time in class meeting about everything from how we should rotate seats in the meeting area to how the rules of our whole-class recess games are working. The purpose of this is to give a sense of ownership and belonging.

In class, a major portion of our learning involves collaboration in partner and team activities.  Whether discussing a book or poem, solving team math challenges, or writing about  their ‘hopes & dreams’, students are involved in group tasks throughout the day.

If you click on the photo link at the top of the page you will find a photo update.



Hello to you all. School will be closed tomorrow 🙁

I am asking that you please email me at with your child’s name in the subject line with the word “CONFIRMED” so I know you have received this message from the school.  I will have to call the families that I do not hear from later this evening.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay dry!!

Mr. Paci

Welcome to 5EP!!!!!!

Dear 5EP Parents,

Welcome to the 5EP class blog. I can’t believe that tomorrow there will be 17 amazing 5th graders learning, creating, and growing in room 205. I am so excited to learn with them. I believe the first few weeks of school are essential for building a classroom community in which the students feel safe and valued, so most of our time will be spent on community building while simultaneously introducing curriculum.

…and they’re off…

This has been an exciting start to the new year. It was great to receive such an enthusiastic group of kids! Most everyone had on their beginning of school smiles and brought their best self.  I often refer to this time of year as the honeymoon. Everyone does their best and tries to impress. I look forward to the days and weeks to come as we really get to know each other. I’ll get to know your children as learners, musicians, athletes, thinkers, and people and they’ll in turn learn the same about me.

In these first days of school I really try to focus on “getting to know you” activities. I reference Paula Denton and her book The First Six Weeks of School frequently during this period. Using this Responsive Classroom model has many great advantages. We have quite a few students that are new to SAS, or new to Puxi campus. It is important that the kids get to know each other now, learn about group/team dynamics, and understand expectations early in the year. I tend to spend a lot of time on activities to meet these goals so that later in the year the kids are able to operate like a fine oiled machine during academic learning time. Taking the time for rule making, limit setting, and behavioral expectations now may take a couple of class periods but it prevents a daily loss of 15 minutes of learning time due to disruptions and behavioral issues. It may seem silly to some to have conversations with 5th graders about why we raise our hands in class, but by having this conversation everyone is made aware that they have a voice in class and regular discussions about interrupting will be avoided.

Academic work during these first days of school will focus on assessing where students are, introducing multiple intelligence theory (Howard Gardner), and some review work. All of these things will make for more productive academic year.

Please ask your children about what they are doing in school, who they’ve met, and how they feel. It is my goal that we all leave here with full brains, feeling loved, and having light hearts at the end of each day. If you are made aware of any issues I always appreciate an email just in case something happened throughout the day that didn’t blip on my radar.

Cheers to a great beginning!!