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本周,同学们选择了一种自己感兴趣的海洋生物并查找资料做成一个简短的介绍,在Xuanqiao School的小朋友们来的时候,还跟他们分享了自己所做的内容。下周,我们会在班级里把自己的海洋生物介绍给大家。

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China Alive Week

Shanghai American School Elementary China Alive Week


On the week of May 3rd to May 6th, the Elementary School will be participating in our seventh China Alive experience.  The purpose of China Alive is to integrate the rich, diverse Chinese culture with SAS student learning.


Instead of going out a day trip for upper grades and a carnival day for lower grades, we are going to use the whole week Chinese time to have a new tryout for students’ cultural learning experience, inviting expert teachers to come share and demonstrate their wonderful expertise to our students.


Here is the schedule for the week:


May. 3rd (Tuesday) Chinese Fan Painting


May. 4th (Wednesday) Sugar Painting

(Experts are invited to each Chinese classroom)


May. 5th (Thursday) Dough Modeling

(Experts are invited to each Chinese classroom)


May. 6th (Friday)    Chinese Fun Game Day

(Chopstick fun, brush writing, Tangrams and shuttlecock kicking)


We are very excited about offering this new experience to our students. If, as a parent, you are interested in helping with our China Alive experience, please let your child’s Chinese teacher know. Thanks in advance for your help!






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