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Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back! Relay for Life!


relay banner an eagle leaders (1)

Celebrate, remember, fight back!  Friday, April 22 was Relay For Life day for SAS Puxi, and with the support of the Eagle Leaders and SAS students, it was one of the best Relay events ever! Relay For Life is a yearly, school-wide walk-a-thon event hosted by the Puxi High School National Honor Society. The goal was to promote awareness of the impact of cancer and to raise funds for cancer research.

relay lap goal poster (1)

Elena, Hareyeong, Kelley, and Zoe work on Relay for Life poster

On the morning of April 22, the Eagle Leaders were invited to go to the HS assembly at the PAC to listen to the high schoolers talk about fighting cancer and what we could do to get involved. During the assembly, a high school student’s mother talked about her own experience with breast cancer. At the end of the assembly, while a high schooler played on the piano, we all silently walked out of the PAC to walk the first lap on the track.  We were honored to carry the Relay For Life banner and lead the high school students around the very first lap of the day.  For the rest of the day, the elementary school (Team ES) walked the track with their classes at different times in support of this effort.

luminaries lit at night 2016

This year Team ES made over 350 luminary bags and raised 41,500 RMB for cancer research that will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Over 500 luminary bags circled around the track and illuminated the relay throughout the night, while many continued to walk laps until the morning. It was an amazing sight to see! Thank you for all the support. We could not have done this without you!

By Seo Huyn (5JS), Olivia, (5JA), and Elena (5ST)

Relay 4 Life Fundraising

This year’s elementary school fundraisers helped earned lots of money for Relay for Life. At first, all the Eagle Leaders had tons of ideas for the fundraisers. At last we all decided on iced cookies and slushies. It was very hard for us to coordinate because we had to make so many cookies. Seher, Pippa, and Olivia decided to work together to ice and decorate over 250 cookies to sell on the first day of our sale on Monday, April 18.

cooking decorating 1

The next day we started working on the slushies. Eagle Leaders went down to the ES kitchen and started making slushes during lunch recess. We poured Fanta and Sprite into cups and placed them in the freezers – almost 200 of them – to freeze overnight.


The next day we took all the cookies and slushies out to the tables during morning recesses of Grade 1 – 5 and sold them. You wouldn’t believe how popular they were! We had long lines at each recess that got longer every day. We continued making the slushies and cookies during recesses that week until Relay for Life day.

making slushies1

slushie sales 3

The Eagle Leaders are very proud of all the sales and the work we put into raising money for cancer research. Next year with what we have learned about all the money we got from fundraising, we think we will continue with the slushies and cookies or even better snacks. Thank you for reading, and thank you, Mrs.Moselle, Mrs.Ro, and Mr.Hanlin!

By: Pippa & Seher – 5SH

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New Eagle Leaders examine importance of being role models at first meeting!


character poster (1)

Fourteen new Eagle Leaders are up for a challenge in the second semester.  It’s not an easy task being someone that has leadership trying to do the right thing at the right time.

During the first Eagle Leader meeting we discussed about character.  Ms. Ro and Ms. Moselle taught us about doing the right thing even though you don’t get credit for it.  We talked about it and came up with some ideas.  We wrote it down on sticky-notes and stuck it on the whiteboard (see the picture).  We talked about different places we can show character and thought about ways to show it.

We thought of some examples, such as inviting people to play even though you might not be very good friends with them. This helps because you could make a new friends and so could they.

When you work in groups, you can show good character by not shouting if others are doing something other than working. But instead we should listen to other people’s thoughts and opinions, and speak to our partners in a kind way.

We also came up with some ideas to show character in the cafeteria. Some ways is that we can pick up any trash, clean up the trays, and not to drop the utensils on the floor.

One of the most important things we can do even is to always SMILE! We hope the second semester Eagle Leaders will also be a big success and can show the right thing to do! Congratulations new Eagle Leaders and thank you Ms. Moselle and Ms. Ro!

                                                                  – Mia & Olivia, 5JA

Our Semester 2 Eagle Leaders:

5SH – Seher & Pippa    5NV – Conner & Erin

5PT – Kelley & Lena      5JS – Seo Hyun & Haryeong

5ST – Zoe & Elena        5EP – Audrey & Charlie

5JA – Mia & Olivia


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Eagle Leaders Review and Reflect on Semester One



Vice Principal, Ms. TeriLynn,  gathers student reflections on what each of them has gained being involved in Eagle Leaders during first semester.

last el meeting

Eagle Leaders discuss in small groups to gather warm and cool feedback of their time as an Eagle Leader.

EL Celebration Lunch (1)

One last photo before our lunch celebration on January 12, 2016!

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Grade 5 Visits Qingpu Migrant School for the Giving Tree



Have you wondered what happened to the Giving Tree bags? Well, the fourth graders, parents, and us Eagle Leaders cooperated to successfully pack the bags. Then, we moved all the bags outside, to the area where the workers helped us cram it into the buses. On Friday, Nov.20, we finally went to the Qingpu Sunrise Primary School.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 7.45.43 AM

As we got there, students from the school helped carry bags to their classrooms. The *Home Sweet Home members, an organization that helps people that are poor,  helped translate from Chinese to English. Both schools performed a few skits and songs. After those performances, Andrew from 5-JA and Naomi from 5-SH were presented to the stage where they got quite a few presents from the Qingpu Sunrise students to bring back for SAS.

At last, we arrived at the classrooms. The children were very happy when gave them their bags. We noticed that the classroom sizes were fairly small and the desks were dusty and cramped together, and yet the children didn’t seem uncomfortable at all.

The children were sitting quietly at their desks, but that soon changed when we gave them their bags. When we gave their bags, their faces lit up and they showed kind manners. Later on, they soon started go around the classroom, showing other kids their gifts. We played a string game called Cat’s Cradle with them.

We were so glad to make them smile and laugh. It was great that we can make new friends while helping them. We hope we can spread this kind of charity to other people in the future. We hope that the future fifth graders gets to enjoy this opportunity to help these students.

-Naomi (5-SH) and Cathleen (5-JA)


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Our Semester Service Project – The Giving Tree!


GT tree table The Eagle Leaders and parent volunteers help to distribute 285 Giving Tree bags in one week!

Eagle L prepare for presentations Eagle Leaders practice their presentations for the elementary classes about the Giving Tree project.

Every year SAS Elementary is involved in the Giving Tree project that provides each student in a local migrant school with a gift bag containing a jacket, scarf, book bag, a packet of school supplies, a book, and a favorite toy. We help these children to be able to feel happy, loved and cared for by others around the world.

The Eagle Leaders and parent volunteers helped out to make this service project happen. We handed out to every elementary class Giving Tree gift bag request forms. Once their parents completed the form, parents and students could come to the Giving Tree tables before school to return the form with 200 RMB in ordered to get a gift bag.

With the 200 RMB, we ordered the clothing, a book bag, and school supplies from Home Sweet Home, another service organization in Shanghai that employs homeless people. Then it was parent and student responsibility to buy a toy and book for that migrant student.

Inside the Giving Tree bag, there was a letter with instructions and information about the student and a greeting card to be filled out for the migrant student. The Eagle Leaders collected the bags until the end of October. On November 20, the whole fifth grade will take a trip to the Qingpu Sunrise Elementary School and deliver the bags to these needy and poor children. If you want to make someone smile, fill out a giving tree bag next year.

– Ines Lee 5ST

– Macy Yang 5SH

Eagle Leaders Plan Spirit Week!

From October 19 – 23, for the first time ever, the elementary, middle, and high school participated together in a Spirit Week. Everybody loved Spirit Week!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.44.15 PM

The other divisions planned the Monday, Tuesday and the Thursday spirit activities. But we chose the Wednesday and the Friday activity.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.41.12 PM   Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.53.47 PM

On Monday, we had Pajama Day. On Tuesday, we got to dress up as our favorite TV character. The Eagle Leaders got feedback from their classmates to choose Twin and Triplet Day on Wednesday. On Thursday, we had people wearing the SAS spirit wear representing our school spirit. Finally, Friday was an elementary favorite, Wacky Hair and Hat Day. There were a lot of students and teachers looking like they had just woke up with their crazy hair. This was an awesome week!

– Elvis Wong 5ST


Choosing Eagle Leaders

Voting for Tshirt designs

Students submitted their designs for this year’s Eagle Leader t-shirt.  Macy’s design was chosen.

Just a few weeks into the school year, our 2015-2016 Eagle Leaders were chosen. It all started with a short assembly in the 5 grade project area letting students know about being and Eagle Leader. Mrs.Ro and Mrs.Moselle were there to tell us about how to become an Eagle Leader, what they do, and how they are leaders. They also announced that there were going to be 14 Eagle Leaders in all, two from each class. Lots of students participated. A few days later, candidates went to the library to fill out an application on how they were a leader and how they would make the elementary school a better place. These applications were read by Mrs.Moselle and Mrs.Ro and the Grade 5 teachers.

At the end of August, there was another assembly about who the Eagle Leaders were going to be. At the end of the day, nervous candidates were sent to the 5th grade project area for the results. The students chosen to be Eagle Leaders were: Cathleen, Andrew, Bridgette, Elvis, Macy, Naomi, Xander, Emma, Sunjae, Danny, Ines, Becky, Allen, and Evan. They were all given a letter congratulating them and reminding them what they were expected to do as leaders of the school.

Our first meeting was on Wednesday, September 9 during lunch and lunch recess. One of our expectations was to bring a home lunch, our newly-given Eagle Leader folder and notebooks that we needed to bring to every Wednesday during lunch recess. During the first Eagle Leader meeting, each one of the new Eagle Leaders were given a form that showed what agreements they promised to do as Eagle Leaders. We had to bring them home and read it with our parents and sign it. All of them were signed and brought back the following Wednesday. After that, we were all ready for half a year as Eagle Leaders!

– Emma Kuo 5NV

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Our Semester 1 Eagle Leaders – 2015


2015 Eagle Leaders

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The Eagle Leaders worked hard !


In April, Ms. Avie, (a Teacher Assistant) came to the Eagle Leaders to ask for help on the playground. She told us there are people that are getting hurt on the playground and not following the rules. She told us that the TA’s are trying their best to make sure kids are more respectful so people don’t get hurt. Kids can help the TA’s by telling them if someone is making the wrong choice to prevent them from getting hurt. Also some kids are stepping on the plants that the workers have planted and kids are excluding others from games. If we can help Ms Avie then everybody will be happy.

The May “Teacher Appreciation Week” was a success even though the PTSA organized it. Almost everybody in the school participated in some way in showing an act of kindness!  That’s over 650 kids!  On Monday, students were supposed to give flowers to their teachers.  On Tuesday, was “Give a Snack” to your teacher day.  Next, Wednesday was “Random Acts of Kindness” Day.  After that was “Give a Snack to your specialist teacher” Day.  Finally, on Friday, it was “Clone a Teacher” spirit day, which was created by the Eagle Leaders.  Thanks everyone for participating in Teacher Appreciation Week because they worked hard all year to educate us!

For the SAS Eagle Leaders, this semester was very tiring, but it was worth it. We had to plan assemblies, organize the Relay for Life, and think about spirit days. The last two spirit days, which were “Rainbow Day” and “Clone your Teacher” day, were big successes. Please don’t forget, Beach Day is coming up during the last week of school ! Yay! Let’s celebrate summer vacation.

At least on June 3rd, we will get to have a special lunch and celebrate all the work we did!  We sure did work hard this semester but we also had fun.

By Sean-5EP, Atlas-5JS and David-5KK


June 2015 Eagle Leaders Lunch group

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“Relay for Life” was a success !!



SAS did a wonderful job participating and helping out during Relay for Life Week. Overall the ES team raised a lot from the donations, sales, and luminary bags during the week. And also the Eagle Leader MC’s did a wonderful job getting SAS pumped up at our Relay for Life assembly. Also we couldn’t have done it without the help of the National Honor Society who organized everything for Friday, April 24th.

During Relay for Life week, the whole ES greatly helped in a variety of ways.  We collected luminary bags and donations throughout the week with a total of over 48,000 RMB!  That’s a lot! Also, we collected over 600 decorated luminary bags! That’s basically one for every student! That means that everybody participated in the event! Great job team ES!

The sales also went great during Relay For Life Week. The 5SH’s Market Day and the Rainbow Loom sales made 5,000 RMB all together!  Altogether, the whole Elementary School raised over 61,000 RMB! Great job everybody! Did you know that 61,000 RMB is equal to over $1,000 ?  Think of how much money we made to help cancer research!  Also, that was two times the money made when we did relay for life two years with team Emma! Great work for the Relay For Life! Go team ES!

On the day before the Relay For Life, the Elementary School had their own Relay For life assembly in the PAC to get everyone in the spirit for Friday. The Masters of Ceremony were Lani, Nikita, Sonia, and Hanseung. There were also four special speakers in the assembly: two high schoolers from the National Honor Society, Mrs. Earley, who shared her story about her experience through cancer, and a second grader. Mannat donated 12 inches of her hair so that a wig could be made for a child with cancer. To end the assembly, the jump rope team performed some creative tricks.

On Friday, April 24th, all of the Eagle Leaders were invited by the High School to attend their Relay For Life assembly. And since we were the special guests, we got to sit in the very front row of the PAC! We also got to walk the first lap around the track holding the Relay For Life banner to start the whole Relay For Life event.

This year’s Relay for Life was a big success.



by Lani-5EP, John-5KK, Ayanna-5SH and Nikita-5JS

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Busy Weeks with Committee Work


On March 18th, the Eagle Leaders started to plan for the Relay For Life fundraiser, which is our big service project for second semester. Two high school students from National Honor Society came to our Wednesday Eagle Leader meeting and talked to us about Relay 4 Life and asked for our help in getting the elementary school involved on Friday, April 24th.


NHS officers share their service project, Relay for Life with the Eagle Leaders.

Following that, another special speaker spoke to us. She was a 2nd grader and her name is Mannat. She shared how she cut 12” of her long hair and contributed it to Wigs for Kids to help children who have lost their hair because of cancer treatments.  Her story also inspired us for Relay For Life.


Second-grader, Mannat, shares the story of donating 12 inches of her hair to Wigs for Kids.

At one of our meetings, we divided into two committees; one committee was to plan for Relay For Life and the other one was the Spirit & Solutions committee (S&S). The Spirit & Solutions committee will plan for the three Spirit Days. Our second job was to come up with some solutions to help solve some of our problems in the elementary school.

Ms. Avi, the playground manager, came to our meeting and asked us to help her solve some of the problems that are happening on the playgrounds and fields. These include: students walking on the plant wooden plank, climbing up the slides, not following directions, playing tag in the no tag zone, jumping on the top of the MS red pyramid, etc. We have been thinking of different solutions to solve these problems and are planning to do some presentations in the classrooms about following the playground rules.

To let everyone in ES to know about the Relay 4 Life program, the Eagle Leaders collected bags and donations every morning in front of the office. We also handed out a letter, luminary bags and then presented to each class to explain what Relay 4 Life was all about and how everyone could get involved.

While the Spirit and Solution group were working on their jobs, the Relay 4 Life group was working hard to plan the assembly on Thursday, April 23, which turned out wonderful! A big applause for the emcees at the assembly – let’s give it up to HanSeung, Sonia, Nikita, and Lani! They worked really hard and skipped a lot of recess time to help make the keynote presentation, find some music and practice their script! At the end the assembly was outstanding and The Flying Eagles (jump rope team) were admirable!

By Maddie – 5KK,  Sunny – 5NV,  Alex – 5MH,  and Hanseung – 5SH

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For the last few weeks, the Eagle Leaders have been discussing norms and getting to know each other with icebreakers. In Eagle Leader meetings, we have been talking about expectations for Eagle Leaders and what we are supposed to be demonstrating. We also reported back to our class about the news we have been talking about in our meetings.

Eagle Leaders created agreements that we agree to follow, the norms are: Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness. Eagle Leaders will be respectful by treating others how you want to be treated-follow the golden rule, fill buckets while filling our own, and show active listening skills. Eagle Leaders will be responsible for our own actions, be confident, step up and take charge, be a good role model to the SAS community, be a trustworthy representative to our classes, and we will show trust to gain trust. Eagle Leaders will be ready to learn, participate and cooperate, be on time for all meetings, do our Eagle Leader homework, and bring our Eagle Leader supplies. What are we doing now? How can we be improving? We will do our best to demonstrate the 3R’s and be a positive role model to the SAS community.

In the first Eagle Leader meeting, the Eagle Leaders had a special guest, Mrs. Teri Lynn Ferentz, our assistant principal! She showed a pyramid of teamwork that was introduced by Mr. Allen. We learned about the bottom part of the triangle, which is also the most important part. The bottom word says: Trust. That’s how the Eagle leaders came up with the phrase “Show trust to gain trust”, so now the phrase is officially one of the agreements for our Eagle Leaders.

You will learn more about the special events and projects happening on our next blog post!

By: Sonia-5NV, Isabella-5PT, and Justin-5PT

EL meeting #2EL meeting Mar 18

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