Books to Eat & Nonfiction Reading Celebration

Awesome work by all of our 1DM Books to Eat participants! The creativity and originality was off the charts. Way to go!

We also celebrated our nonfiction reading growth by reading our books to the 2nd grade class 2DW. They also shared their nonfiction books that they wrote. We are nonfiction reading experts on subjects like sharks, plants, Africa, and many others. Ask your child what nonfiction topic they have been reading about. Next week we will celebrate the end our nonfiction unit by reading to 5th grade!

Weekly Posts Are Up and Running!

Dear Parents,

Sorry for the delay in posting weekly updates from class. I have been hard at work smoothing out the technical glitches. We should be good from here on out. Rather than posting the weekly goings on to this blog I use a visual storytelling app called Storehouse for weekly updates. Every week when I upload to Storehouse I will post the link here. If you choose you can check back here and click the link or you can download the Storehouse app for you iPhone or iPad where you can follow the class and get updates straight to the app. If you find it hard to find time to sit down at the computer and read the blog then the Storehouse app might work better for you. If you have any question about this then please feel free to email or call and I would be happy to help. I will also speak briefly about this at Open House this week. By clicking the link below you will find posts from the first few weeks. Have a great week!




Message from the Barefoot Librarian

The library is starting its end of year procedures so please take note of these dates:

Monday June 1st (Day 3) -Very last check out date for Students, Parents and Staff

Wednesday June 3rd-ALL LIBRARY MATERIALS DUE IN from students and parents

Monday June 8th-ALL LIBRARY MATERIALS DUE IN from staff

You can check your library account to see what is checked out to you:

  • Go to
  • Click on Pudong Elementary Catalog
  • Login with your Faculty, Student or Parent ID number (above your barcode on your School ID)
  • The User Name and Password are the same, and any letters needs to be in all Caps, example (STU#####)
  • Once you have logged in, you should open the “My Info” tab.  You can then view your current checkouts.
  • If you have a lot of checkouts, you may have to click the show all button……….Then all you have to do is find the materials   and turn them back in! (sounds so simple…)
  • If you cannot log in, drop by the library and we can help

If you have lost library materials please come and talk with us about the situation, in most cases it will mean handing over 100 rmb per item, which you will get back in full, if the item turns up either in our inventory, or in your possession.

Parent Volunteers Desperately Needed

Parents, we REALLY need your help. We are doing a full inventory of almost 30,000 items in the ES Library in the next two weeks,

as well as teaching classes, checking out books, and checking in ALL the items checked out this year.

If you are on campus to:

see your child perform

enjoy a farewell party

organize a sporting event

attend a music event

pick up your child

drop off your child

or ANYTHING at all… and can spare a couple of hours in the library we would be eternally grateful…

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY… just come in and we’ll put you to work within minutes.


Thank you in anticipation

Kimbra Power