Week of the 28th Nov. – 2nd Dec. 2016

This week is Unit 3 Assessment week(Thursday & Friday). This will give us time before the break should students need to retest or should more review of concepts need greater attention.

So converting of fractions to decimals or decimals to fractions. This may involve long division, or simple conversion to a fraction equivalent to the denominator relating to a base ten.

The four operations (multiplication, division, addition and addition) of fractions either proper, improper or mixed fractions. Order of operation involving rational numbers both positive and negative.

Again being exposed the commutative or associative property.

We will continue to do stations & a review (refer to schoology) as further prep for this week’s assessments.


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Week of the 7th Nov. – 11th Nov. 2016

Thank you for coming in last week for Conferences. For those parents that were unable to attend for varying reasons please know that I would still be more than happy to meet up with you. Send me and email (david.hope@saschina.org) and can send you times and days that I would be available to meet.

This week is Unit 2 – Integers Assessment week (Wednesday or Thursday).

Monday & Tuesday are assessment prep days.

We have already started looking at rational and irrational numbers and will continue to do so before the assessment for this Unit on the 1st or 2nd of December 2016.

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Week of the 31 Oct. – 4th Nov. 2016

This week is a short week as we have Student, Parent, Teacher Conferences Thursday afternoon & Friday.

Next week is the Summative Unit Assessment for Integers(Wednesday(9th) & Thursday (10th) Nov.).

So this week we will look at Commutative, Associative & Identity Properties for addition & multiplication regarding these terms.

Utilizing/Reviewing this understanding on a number line.

We have stations/work sheets, which will reinforce very much like exit cards the coverage of work learnt over the last two weeks.

Over the last three weeks we have looked at incorporating ‘Number Sense’ so our students are thinking about different ways to solve problems mentally – work smart rather than hard or a combination of both, or more efficiently rather than just working hard.

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Week of the 24th Oct. – 28th Oct. 2016

We have different students at different learning/understanding points and so I will be taking time this week to conference with different bands of students in order to meet their needs. Some students are working at addition and subtraction of Integers. Some are challenged by the aspect of modeling an Integer number expression e.g 2 + 3, 2 – 3, -2 + 3, 2 – (-3).

Others are working on multiplication & division of Integers & again the modeling aspect to support learning / understanding.

Others are working on Order of Operations using Integers, then moving onto rational numbers(fractions & decimals).

Also this week for those students that need to be extended they will be seeing Mr Power in the design studio.

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Week of the 17th Oct. – 21st Oct. 2016

This week students will continue to work on excelling integer challenge problems looking at Order of Operation while other students not familiar with the different mathematical operations involving integers will need time and support to work on areas of deficiencies as per the diagnostic assessment.

Once allotted class work for the day has been completed students will then be asked to write(with partner) their own challenging Order of Operation problem and must have the answer calculated.

Those exiting this topic will then move onto Rational & Irrational Numbers( + Real Numbers).

Look at definitions and examples for notes.

This week on Monday & Tuesday students will have the opportunity to retest for Unit 1.

This week we are fortunate to be visited by a math consultant – Steve Leinwand. Later in the week APAC rugby will take place with Pudong hosting. The students will have a sub for these two days.



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Week of the 10th Oct – 13th Oct. 2016

This week ends on Thursday as teacher have Professional Development on Friday.

On Thursday math students will join science students and will provide assistance to students in the Elementary Diviosn of the school with the cardboard box challenge. They will provide assistance and support with the creative instincts of their juniors. This assistance may also mean tidying up.

We will continue to work on Integers(addition, subtraction, multiplication & division). This will be supported with models – namely number lines in order to assist with justifying their answers.

In addition students that need assistance with reviewing for the reassessment of Unit 1 – Statistics can do so during this time.

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Week of the 3rd Oct -7th Oct. 2016

Students have this week to enjoy the National holiday. Rest & relax and make the most of down time. Take a moment to reflect on this purposeful time with family and appreciate these opportunities that are presented & live in the moment.

On your return I do want to catch up with events where you made moments happen and therefore quashed this notion of boredom.

Enjoy living and breathing in a world populated by numbers. Let numbers work for you and be swept away by the majestic awe of their presence – in other words don’t waste too much time on computers, laugh with family, gain the vantage point of a tree branch and live a little.



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Week of the 26th Sept. – 30 Sept. 2016

This week students will receive there Unit Tests – Statistics back and they will be required to take these home in order to get parent signatures and will be required to complete a POK(Proof Of Knowledge).

Students will be provided with notes on this.

Corrections will need to be made and if a students is retesting then they will be required to show the POK.

The Diagnostic Assessment of Unit 2 – Number System will be completed by students. Form this a PLP – a Personal Learning Plan will need to be developed based on the diagnostic assessment for Number Systems. Students will be provided notes on this also.

The PLP will require students to take more responsibility with their learning by using specified IXL problems, assigned text book problems that support the practice of deficient areas as determined from the diagnostic assessment.

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Week of the 19th Sept. – 23rd Sept. 2016

This week of the Unit Assessment for Statistics has been deferred by one day so the assessment days are now the 21st & 22nd of Sept.

Students will have Monday & Tuesday to review in prep for Wednesday & Thursday. The students will then begin Unit 2, Number Theory with a Diagnostic Assessment.







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Week of the 12th Sept. – 14th Sept. 2016

This week we will look at reviewing Box & Whisker Plots & the idea of Mean Absolute Deviation (M.A.D).

This week is a shortened week as school finishes on Wednesday. Also we have the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments, which mean classes will only be 40 mins.

On Wednesday I will have a practice assessment made available with answers in prep for next week’s Statistics Unit Assessment (20th & 21st Sept).



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