Spring Microcampus Trip (2nd Round) Application Details: Puxi and Pudong Campusus

Students and Parents,

Thank you for your interest in one of this year’s spring Microcampus trip for Grade 8 students. The hope is that the information below will help families learn what they need to know to be ready to go ahead with the process of applying for the remaining trips for this school year:

  • Puxi Grade 8: March 4th through March 31st, 2017
  • Pudong Grade 8: April 29th through May 26th, 2017

To move forward with the application process for this trip, please do the following:

Students and Parents, it is important that you know as much about the program in order to make a wise decision about moving forward with the application process. A great place to start is the Frequently Asked Questions portion of the Microcampus website. Also, feel free to browse around the Microcampus Website to see student project work, daily journals, and photos from previous groups. Please send any questions you might have to Mr. Craig Tafel, Microcampus Coordinator, at craig.tafel@saschina.org.

Students, if you are interested in moving forward with the application process, please send an email to Mr. Tafel (craig.tafel@saschina.org) from your school email account. I will arrange with interested students a chance to visit at lunchtime during the week of January 16th. I will then follow up with parents to make sure they have a sense of what is on offer, meeting with parents in person as necessary.

After that, there will be a student and parent portion of the application, available online after our meetings. I will receive feedback from adults at SAS who know the applicants well, with a goal of making a final decision before the end of January.

-Craig TafelĀ (Mr. T.)
SAS Microcampus Coordinator and Teacher