Middle School Artist-In-Residence Program Jingdezhen May 14th – May 27th, 2017

A.i.R. Jingdezhen

Shanghai American School

Pudong Middle School 

Integrated & Interdisciplinary

The Artist-in-Residence program (A.i.R.) will focus on the artist’s creativity in the city of Jingdezhen, China. The experience will be centered on project-based design and inquiry investigative thinking. Porcelain production requires expertise in art, science, math, humanities, and Chinese history in order to fully engage in the ceramic process. MS teachers in each one of these disciplines will support students as they explore, create, and design with porcelain. This teacher participation is key as the students communicate and collaborate with the local Chinese porcelain experts to complete their project/investigation process.

Process, Project, and Inquiry Based

Students will be engaged in ceramic project/process development of their choice while in Jingdezhen. Students will work independently to identify their project or process, schedule their own timetables, and extrapolate outcomes. This two-week experience is project, process, and inquiry based to stimulate student creativity, resourcefulness, a passion for learning, and application of new skills.  The driving question is “What does it take for you to be a successful artisan?”

Globally Connected

Historically, porcelain production has connected many cultures of the world throughout its development. The students will develop an understanding of the impact that porcelain has made in the world and how their project fits into this grand scheme. By observing and working alongside local Chinese artists in this region, our students will be able to participate in the discussion of what it is like to be an artist/designer in 21st century Asia.

A.i.R. Jingdezhen Student.001 A.i.R. Jingdezhen Student.002 A.i.R. Jingdezhen Student.003 A.i.R. Jingdezhen Student.004



A.i.R. Jingdezhen Student.007 A.i.R. Jingdezhen Student.010 A.i.R. Jingdezhen Student.011 A.i.R. Jingdezhen Student.012 A.i.R. Jingdezhen Student.014  A.i.R. Jingdezhen Student.018

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