Sneak Preview…

Hello Parents and students,

I hope you enjoyed the show tonight. Here’s a preview of the last song that I told you I would post.

Check back tomorrow for the full video!

Have a great night,

Mr. Chapa

Concert week!

Hello Everyone!  It’s concert week!

Make sure to spend plenty of time with your beloved long tones and your tuner.  Check those key signatures, and polish any tricky measures.

You can continue in your EE book from #160 – #170, but if you have not finished #150 – 160, please feel free to use this week as review for those songs.

See you on Tuesday and Wednesday with your instrument and music.

Here we go!

Mr. Chapa

We’re almost there!

Hello Everyone,

Remember to stay consistent with your daily practice schedule.  Don’t neglect a good warmup, it’s important for making sure your embouchure is strong.

Written assignment: Be sure to send me your written assignments by this Friday to

Practice assignments: EE book – :#150 – #160.

Happy practicing,

Mr. Chapa


By the way… is a recording of Clar


Back from China Alive

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a great time in Suzhou…I know I did.  Also, I hope you got a good rest over the weekend and have gotten back into your routines.  Be sure to stay strong during the final weeks of the school year.

Practice assignment:

Fix any errors we find in class.  Master them.

#1. Furioso – listen to the recording many times and play along with the recording.

#2. Latin Fiesta – Play this one along with the recording as well.

EE book – #140 – #150.

This should keep you busy and growing during this week.

See you soon,

Mr. Chapa

Recordings of potential concert songs

Listen to recordings of Furioso, Linus and Lucy, and Latin fiesta many times so that you can really understand how the parts fit together.


Week #13

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been tackling our songs lately!  We are starting to sound reeeeaaaaallllly good.  If there are any spots that you are feeling unsure about, make sure you take the time to practice them slowly and to master them.  During our next class we will be playing Latin Fiesta and Affirmation.

Practice assignment:

Make sure Latin Fiesta and Affirmation are mastered.

EE book: #130 – #140.  Go slow and master these one at a time.

Happy practicing,

Mr. Chapa